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screaming driving me crazy

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stripeyshirt Sun 25-Oct-09 16:52:52

just a quick question...i've had it with trawling through books for the moment, and mum thinks there is serious problem with my ds who is now 2. eg, went to the beach today for about an hour. good time, went to swings for a while. back to the car, was getting cold. spotted puddle....jump jump jump. enough jumping, in car. SCREAM SCREAM struggled to get him strapped in car. screaming continued for fifteen mins by which time he was back home and in the playpen, still going full tilt. my mother mutters that i should 'go ask the doctor'. i'm exhausted, i'm by myself, would appreciated someone other than mother saying something.

seems he doesnt like sudden changes (going in house, getting out car sometimes....time to get out bath NO NO GO AWAY GO AWAY) have looked for patterns, nothing very obvious.


MatNanPlus Sun 25-Oct-09 17:39:55

Do you give him / can you give him count down warnings for new / stopping activities?

stripeyshirt Sun 25-Oct-09 22:30:03

yes have tried that and persist with it. difficult when a change may be something like getting out the car when we arrive home, or simply going through the front door. the things they recommend in books like toddler taming just have not been successful. bah. keep trying. am flexible when can be, but some things are just not negotiable.

tomorrow is another day

smileyboy Mon 26-Oct-09 08:17:28

I may be very easily wrong here but what you discribe sounds normal. Most 2 year olds are negative and adapt poorly to change and being strapped into car seats, getting out the bath etc. My ds is the same (2.3), he never wants to stop playing and get in the bath, never wants to get out the bath when he's in there hmm. Screaming in the car is quite normal at this age, screaming when you leave somewhere or get home from somewhere he was having fun at is normal too as far as I am aware.

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