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sitting up - is it good or bad for him?

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Jasmer Wed 28-May-03 00:06:22

My 6 moths old son can sit up by himself but only since very recently. A lot of people say it is not good fir his spine to sit him up if he needs aid. Any ideas or opinions on this?

milch Wed 28-May-03 14:41:12

What I've always heard is that if a baby can do something for themselves then it won't harm them to do so. So, presumably, once your ds is tired out by sitting on his own it would not be healthy to keep him sat up, but until he reaches that point it can't harm him.

wobblymum Thu 29-May-03 12:19:24

If he sits up by himself and has the option to move if he's uncomfortable, then I can't see how it would be bad for him. If you want him sat up and he has lots of cushions or somthing supporting him, then that should protect his spine but, like everything, just don't leave him like that for hours.

badjelly Fri 30-May-03 09:37:17

My dd started to sit up on her own a month ago and we just put loads of cushions round her, now (at 6 months) she just knocks the cushions out of the way as if to say "I'm a big girl now - I don't need any help!"

early days I know but it doesn't seem to have done her any harm so far!

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