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Son giving sneaky smacks to little bro

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sumo78 Fri 23-Oct-09 21:40:46

My DS is nearly 3 and in the middle of him and my other 7 month old son playing, he goes and pushes him or smacks him. Does a pang of jealousy run through him? what makes him do it and how can i make it stop?

shockers Fri 23-Oct-09 21:52:26

My mum said that I used to be hateful ( in a sneaky way) toward my sister who is 6 yrs younger than me... apparently I bit her once when mum was out of the room for a few seconds. I remember feeling really happy when mum let me help with her and really rejected when mum was tired and stressed. I have 3 of my own now and know that this is inevitable!

sumo78 Fri 23-Oct-09 21:56:01

Thanks Shockers

He does seem to play up more when I am busy and not involving him.

shockers Fri 23-Oct-09 21:59:45

One of my happiest memories was sitting in mum's enormous bed holding my sis ( aged about 6 months) while mum read to me ( probably only happened once but I loved it!)BTW I love her very much now and I haven't bitten her in years grin

GrumpyYoungFogey Fri 30-Oct-09 21:39:37

That sort of behaviour was/is a "smacked bottom offence" in our household.

Soon sorts out these sort of problems.

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