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DD (5.4) has started wetting herself at night. WWYD?

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Ewemoo Thu 22-Oct-09 16:30:40

We took dd1 out of pullups just before her 5th birthday just because we felt it was time to get things moving in the right direction. We stopped drinks after 6pm and made her go to the loo before bed and for 5/6 weeks this was fine - no accidents at all. Since then however, she will wet the bed 3/4 times a week. There is no obvious reason for this - no change in routine or any stress that we know of so why is this happening? She also has developed a rash on her side - could this be from the urine as she never realises she's wet herself until the morning. I feel like going back to pull-ups would be a backward step but maybe the best solution???

shockers Thu 22-Oct-09 16:38:49

Has she started school during that time?

kamsmum Thu 22-Oct-09 16:51:28


My DD is 7 next month and has only been reliably dry for about 2 months. She went through a "dry " phase when she was about 3 and then completely regressed. I had been pulling my hair out!! My advise would be to not go back to pull ups - they only let her avoid responsibility and result of her weeing, IYSWIM. I would use waterproof sheets and absorbant bed pads (still do) and ignore the bad stuff and really praise the good stuff.
For the rash, I would use a barrier cream, like sudofed after bath and before bed.

I think at her age you have to let her try to be responsible. Good luck!

hanaboo Thu 22-Oct-09 17:38:57

hi, what i do with my dd is take her to the toilet just before i go to bed so that she gets used to waking up and going at night time, would this be possible? it would half the amount of time between bedtime and morning that she would have to last

ehamilto Fri 23-Oct-09 17:07:57

Hi,with ds, we resorted to a bed wetting alarm and he was dry at night within a couple of weeks (he was about 6 by then). He just slept so heavily that he didn't wake up when he needed the loo. The alarm woke us up, and we woke him to go to the loo - eventually it helped him recognise when he needed to go. DD is not yet dry at night at 4.5 years (using pull-ups), but I am not too stressed because I know if we have to we can use the alarm method again.
They are special pants with a little wire inside which triggers an alarm when the child starts peeing. The alarm receiver is plugged into the wall (bit like a baby alarm).
Best of luck.

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