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DS (5) unclear speech/trouble with letter sounds

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MrsDinky Wed 21-Oct-09 22:36:15

I am waiting for speech therapy appointment for DS (5), his overall speech is a bit unclear (although mostly understandable) and he has particular trouble with th,f,v and l(l in the middle of words, like "easily" said as "easiylly"). He tries, but he physically can't seem to get his tongue and lips into the right positions. I try and get him to watch my mouth making these sounds, but he finds it hard to copy, he also can't make a proper circle with his mouth to blow candles out etc. Has anyone had similar experience? I am starting to wonder if he needs something like cranial osteopathy to release things, or are there particular tricks to try and teach them how to achieve the positions with their mouths? Thank you.

choosyfloosy Wed 21-Oct-09 22:42:53

I think if you are thinking about cranial osteopathy, why not pay for a private speech therapist to assess him?

To find a private therapist

MrsDinky Sun 25-Oct-09 23:07:21

Thank you, that is a good idea and a useful link.

ICANDOTHAT Mon 26-Oct-09 08:31:47

I've used cranial osteopathy for my ds2 who is ADHD. It was amazing. He also had a speech delay, but today is virtually fluent, but sounds a bit immature. We had 1 session with an NHS therapist, who turned out to be pretty useless, and the rest were private. You have to be aware that although cranial therapy seems like just that - therapy- it is in fact medicating your child and needs follow up sessions for it to be fully effective. A good cranial osteopath will tell you all about this side of the treatment. Also, has your son been checked for 'tongue tie' ?

MrsDinky Mon 26-Oct-09 16:48:09

He is slightly tongue tied, BF counsellor pointed this out to us when he was a baby, but GP and paed said they would not get it cut as it was only slight. Presumably this is not such a simple matter when they are older? Can imagine it would need sedation and local at least to have it cut.

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