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What does your 2 year old play with

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Lifeinagoldfishbowl Wed 21-Oct-09 20:42:40

DC is coming up to his 2nd birthday and I want to update the toy box - so what are your 2 year olds playing with?

TOK Wed 21-Oct-09 21:15:29

I think every child is different. My ds has just turned 2 and he is really into musical instruments, guitars, drums etc... He's also liking puzzles-simple jigsaws and such. But mainly, its just instruments, he would take his guitar to bed with him if he could!

kissyfurschaos Thu 22-Oct-09 00:40:05

DS 2.2 likes his Fisher Price school bus, plane and tractor.# He likes his wooden railway so he is getting wooden Thomas and friends trains to add to it at Christmas.
He just got an Aqua Draw and toy laptop which are proving popular.
He likes his ELC Postbox game and lots of books to be read.
Also his toy buggy and doll. The 2 year old boys next door and over the road love their wooden railway's too if that helps. Great for adding to over the years if relatives want to buy them a gift.
Hope to help :-)

TeenyTinyToria Thu 22-Oct-09 01:25:28

Ds is 2.7.

He loves:

Teddies and dolls
Books - lots and lots of books
Paper, felt tips and paint
Building bricks/mega blocks
Set in puzzles and simple jigsaws
Magnetic letters and numbers

fledtoscotland Thu 22-Oct-09 01:25:37

DS1 is 2.2 and loves Thomas. He also has a Happy People "Noah's Arc" which is another current favourite. He's always liked jigsaws and it quite a bookworm (I love raiding the charity shops)

dairymoo Thu 22-Oct-09 02:22:39

Scribbling with crayons
Making me cups of tea with tea set

...but this all pales considerably in comparison to playing with 'babies' - my DTs are obsessed with dolls and anything to do with them.

JeMeSouviens Thu 22-Oct-09 03:31:21

a recorder
occasionally his drum kit
stones (he calls them baby dinosaurs)

MrsKitty Thu 22-Oct-09 03:47:06

jigsaw puzzles
little people farm & zoo
wooden train track
play doh

smileyboy Thu 22-Oct-09 08:25:11

little people zoo set
wooden jigsaws
cardboard books, although never sits still long enough for me to actually finish reading one to him hmm
sand/soil/dirt in the garden
water table
anything he shouldn't touch!

MumofJTM Thu 22-Oct-09 11:32:30

wooden train set
tea set and plastic playfood
Farm and plastic animals
Bob the Builder vehicles
Fire engine and figures
Fisher Price little people plane
play doh
soft toys
Lego/ Duplo

It's a lovely age! smile

Rollmops Thu 22-Oct-09 13:36:16

Cars, cars, cars.... (they call the Lamborghini 'kinky' that is ever so appropriate IMOgrin)
Airoplanes, tractors, trucks.
Dinosaurs, especially the pterodactyl :-)
Plastic animals.
Building blocks
Mega blocks for building garages for the abovementioned zillions of cars.
Books. Galore. More books.
Dried leaves, mud and rocks.
Climbing like young mountain goats on acid.
Running like wild and jumping off all tall objects they can get to.
Wrestling and chasing each other around.
That's twins for you. Not quite 2 yet though.

moocowme Thu 22-Oct-09 21:46:15

anything Thomas, our house is turning into a 'Shrine of Thomas'

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