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Help my dd1 21 months is being a bit testing to put it mildly

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chloebe Wed 21-Oct-09 13:43:56

Hi- my dd1 is 21 months and her behaviour of late has become quite testing. I have a dd2 who is 5 months, and there has been no jealousy, only a bit of 'if I bite you will it hurt' kind of thing, but that stopped as quickly as it started.

I have always sociaised her and she has a lovely group of friends, I am partically close to one of the moms and she has a dd who is 4 months older than my dd1.

They have always played lovely and my dd1 has really come on leaps and bounds recently- but now they seem like they are clashing, my dd1 doesn't tend to be bullyish and only gets pushy when over excited which I can easily stop by explaining she needs to be nice etc. But with this little girl they are honestly vile to each other, my friends thinks the best way to deal with it is not to give rise and let them fight it out but I'm concerned this might make my dd1 think this behaviour is acceptable.

I feel a bit torn and also I'm dreading playdates etc.

We have stopped the rough and tumble games at home but I just don't know how to discipline her as I have tried the naughty step and it does work but now she still does naughty things and puts herself on it.! I tried tapping her hand and she did the same so I am a bit at a loss!!

PoisonToadstool Wed 21-Oct-09 13:45:26

She is not naughty, she is just being 21 months old. If she pushes/whatever just remove her, distract her, don't discipline her at this age!

TOK Wed 21-Oct-09 21:57:57

Agree with PoisonToadstool, she is too young for naughty step. Take her to one side, tell her it isn't nice ( I often explain to my ds 24mnths why its not nice too) and distract instantly by asking her to do something for you, suggesting a different game to play etc...

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