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13 month old and eating....

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lionsandtigersandbears Wed 21-Oct-09 08:45:20

Don't know if anyone can help or if am posting in the right place. My 13 month old DS has never been a great eater, but LOVES his bottles and would just have them all day if he could. My DH and I have tried everything to encourage good meals, lots of varied, tasty food, eating the same as us with us (point blank refused jars). Praise, ignoring all the usual blips - spitting out, playing with it, launching it across the kitchen etc. The problem now is that he has dropped steadily throught the weight centiles since birth - born on 91st and now around 10th I guess. I know genetics are a factor, me and DH both naturally bean-pole like but I dont want to have another raised eyebrow from the HV. Every now and then he eats a decent meal and I feel like we're making progress and he inevitably gets ill and it all starts again. I feel like he has been poorly with one thing after another for so long now! I've cut his milk down to encourage his food appetite and cut down on snacks but I'm getting into this circle I dont like of bowing in to snacks (those organix things or some such) to get food in him or making him sausages or fish fingers just so that he'll have a few mouthfuls. He is too young to try some encouragement methods (bribery grin) and i would love him to be a foodie like we are and enjoy good grub!!! Any suggestions gratefully received.

notasausage Wed 21-Oct-09 12:42:43

Will he eat if you go out to a cafe - lots of things to look at, different environment, different highchair. Most will warm your own food if he doesn't like jars. Works for me when DD is being fussy although she has phases of being a good eater and then weeks of not.

IMoveTheStarsForNoOne Wed 21-Oct-09 12:49:45

When DS was 10 months we all had a horrible D&V bug and he totally went off his food.. wouldn't eat anything other than yoghurts and biscuits. so that's what he lived non, for about 3 months!!

Every week I would offer new things, leave my plate within his reach in the lounge, all sorts of things but never forcing him.
After a while he would eat any of the Organix snacks, fig rolls, marmite toast etc, so started cutting down his milk more. Once he got used to eating more things, i could very very slowly introduce different foods without him feeling pushed.

He's now 23 months, can feed himself, and eats most things.

What I'm saying is - it will pass, don't worry too much.

What foods will he eat? IIRC - 2 x petit filous has all the protein he needs for a day.

One thing we did do was keep DS on formula for a little longer, just because he wasn't getting vitamins anywhere else.


LeonieBooCreepy Wed 21-Oct-09 12:59:29

Message withdrawn

lionsandtigersandbears Wed 21-Oct-09 13:31:18

Thankyou so much for your replies, its nice to know I'm not being totally hopeless. Leonie your DD sounds very similar and I'm so please to hear your paed was unconcerned, and yes, 'Imove...' I am keeping him on formula for now to ensure vits etc. He was eating yoghurt until a chest infection and now that seems to be off the agenda too. He is still nibbling on marmite toast and breadsticks with hummous. I'll give yor suggestion a go 'notasausage'...Oh well, thanks so much for the reassurances.

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