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desperate for advice on my 3 yr old daughter.

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gemzhollie Mon 19-Oct-09 22:19:55

is it normal for my daughter to be having at least 3 accidents in school everyday?
she has been dry she was dry all 6 weeks holidays but just seemed to gotten worse since starting back at school.
i really dont know what to do i have tried everything!
i do find if i little her drink she dont wee herself that much and tends to go on the potty better occasionally though.
hope someone can help me coz i really dont know wot else i can do!

whomovedmychocolate Mon 19-Oct-09 22:23:28

Sounds like she's a bit unsettled and perhaps she doesn't get to ask to go at school? At 3 I assume she's in preschool - have a word with the staff. But don't worry it is completely normal. My 3 year old hasn't managed an entire day with dry pants yet! hmm

She could of course have a water infection as well. Worth checking she's physically well before assuming it's a behavioural thing.

Hassled Mon 19-Oct-09 22:25:48

Well she might have a bladder/urinary tract infection, so it might be worth talking to the GP.

But assuming it's not that, does she HAVE to be dry during the day? Does the pre-school have a problem with pull-ups? I would just abandon potty training for now, and start again in a couple months when she's forgotten that she's stressed about it and has settled back at preschool. If you make it a huge deal she will get more stressed and so will have more accidents - you need to be as laid back as possible.

And don't panic - she's still very little, there's lots of time to get this sorted.

KembleTwinsMwahahaha Mon 19-Oct-09 22:27:16

My 3 yr old DTs have far more accidents at nursery than at home. I put it down to...

Getting too involved with activities and not realising that they need the loo.

Having to alert an adult to the fact that they need the loo (rather than just going, lke they do at home) and therefore not getting there quite on time.

Don't worry - the pre-school staff should be used to it and happy to deal with changing clothes etc.

gemzhollie Mon 19-Oct-09 22:39:07

she is in infants school in the nursery! i am getting her tested for urine infections just waiting on the results,
its a difficult situation coz wen she is at home she dont tend to have as many accidents,
if i ask her where she goes for a wee she will tell me on the potty or toilet! she dont have accidents through the night only first thing in the morning!

Danthe4th Tue 20-Oct-09 13:10:51

Don't cut back on her drink if anything give her more as it will get her bladder used to larger amounts.She has been happy being dry and having access to the toilet at home, she will learn to be just as confident at nursery but she's still young,Its also perfectly normal to return to nursery after the summer break and be wet, she needs encouragement from the staff and no pressure.

SouthLondonIsWonderful Thu 22-Oct-09 21:36:45

I found with my daughter at that age that sometimes she as just too busy enjoying herself to go to the toilet, you need to ask her key worker/teacher to keep checking and requesting that she goes, she will get it in the end

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