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15mo throwing things

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TracyK Mon 13-Jun-05 10:07:14

ds has started throwing things - toys, remote controls, books etc. Not in a tantrummy way - more in fun and usually not really that hard - but sometimes he gets a bit of momentum going and it catches my shin and it blooming well hurts.
Do I stop him, ignore him, punish him or just a phase that he's investigating his strength etc.

colditz Mon 13-Jun-05 10:33:34

Ignore it, it's a phase to see what you do, and also because it's fun.

Blu Mon 13-Jun-05 10:41:32

It's a phase because they are learning how to do it, develops their co-ordination, it's interesting and fascinating for them...try not to take it personally!

Lizzylou Mon 13-Jun-05 11:13:54

I am interested in this thread as I have coal dust (WTF? It's a gas effect jobbie...why the need for bloomin dust?) all over the living room and bruises all over my body.....
DS is also 15mths........

TracyK Mon 13-Jun-05 11:22:37

they are dangerous little monsters!
I don't mind him 'expressing' himself - its just if we go to visit a 'non child' house - will he disgrace himself!

Lizzylou Mon 13-Jun-05 11:29:06

Probably! DS does...but then if you invite a 15mth over......on your head be it...hopefully not literally!!!

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