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DS 2.7 years and struggling with helpful adults.

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piesmum Thu 15-Oct-09 23:41:02

My son is 2.7 years and a bright robust boy but socially he sometimes struggles.He can be quite shy and isn't very keen on talking to unknown adults unless its on his terms. He used to just let other kids take toys from him but he has started to say no and pull them back. The problem is then if that doesn't work he throws himself on the floor and crys. No prob if I am there to sort him out but if anyone else tries to help him or pick him up he goes mad. screams even louder and and struggles to get away. He does this if he falls over aswell and someone tries to help him up.
Any ideas how I can help him its just he is due to start pre school soon and I can't bear the thought of this happening and me not being there to pick up the peices.
Also is it worth mentioning to the teachers before he starts or will i straight away put some kind of label on him?
Any advice would be appreciated.

Heated Fri 16-Oct-09 16:59:45

I think tell preschool so they are prepared. I bet they've seen it before. He will have a keyworker so it's could be possible he'll transfer his allegiance to her during nursery time and allow her to help him. He'll might also learn from the other children and it also sounds like that old MN mantra, a phase.

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