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two years old? akward?

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haven Sun 12-Jun-05 05:10:11

ds is doing much better than i ever thought. but, he still runs more akward than the children i have seen. he isn't falling near as much, but.. like he only swings his left arm the other he holds stiff, when should this start to end. he trips constantly over his toes, to the point where i had to get him to slip on tennis shoes, the open toe sandles where letting his toes get all messed up. he doesn't pick them up all the way sometimes. is this normal?

dd is pigeon toed like me, and she falls all the time(at 8 ) but that's because she trips herself. ds trips himself, but he doesn't pick up his feet all the way.

most 2 year olds i see are confident on their feet. i guess i just want reassurance. if you could.

Fran1 Sun 12-Jun-05 09:47:22

My dd is 2.5 and only runs with one arm. I think its mostly her left arm. She also has seriously scuffed toes and toe nails due to tripping and bashing into things.
Does that reassure you?
I hadn't thought anything of it tbh, don't think its a problem.

Pinotmum Sun 12-Jun-05 10:17:52

When my dd was that age she was always falling. I didn't buy her open toed shoes for that summer as I knew she'd have no toes left . I don't think she used her arms much either when running.

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