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When do they use a fork/spoon? Is this "normal"?

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WonderBundlesMommy Thu 15-Oct-09 16:52:21

DS (almost 17m) was nursed until 13 months but started "finger foods" at 8m. He took to it right away, loved to eat, and our only real challenge was keeping him from stuffing his mouth too full!

The problem now is he only eats with his fingers, will not use a fork or spoon despite daily attempts to teach him since about 12m! He eats everything this way - yogurt and cottage cheese are sucked from the fingers, rice is eaten in almost invidiual grains (yes meals take forever), mashed sweet potatoes, cream corn, everything else eaten in clumps from the hand.

SALT expressed a mild concern about his need to stuff his mouth full - but this was not discussed further so not sure why.

When do DCs normally use a fork/spoon (for actually eating!)? Any suggestions on how I can teach him? He will actually pick it off the spoon if I load it up for him. He will put either in his mouth in imitation but doesn't when they're in food. Not sure what to do as trying it every day is definitely not making a difference. Oh and I do not pressure him to use it in any way, just encouragement and presenting it at each meal and when he doesn't want to we don't push him.

NannyBeth Thu 15-Oct-09 17:18:40

Just keep going with what you are doing. Sooner or later he will work out it is easier to use cutlery than his fingers for certain foods! Do you eat at the same time as him? If not, maybe you could have a small portion at the same time to demonstrate using cutlery? With a lot of development, its as much about watching and copying others as it is about actually physically being able to do it!!

WonderBundlesMommy Thu 15-Oct-09 18:18:48

Thanks NannyBeth, I will persevere. And yes I eat all meals with him, including snacks, and we have dinner altogether with DH. He seems to enjoy stuffing himself with his fingers though, and I'm not sure how to motivate him to want to use the fork/spoon when he seems to be having so much fun with his hands! He does seem to want to be able to eat faster these days takes a long time to eat rice his way!

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