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development delay - Mobility and facial features

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shimster Thu 15-Oct-09 16:08:28

My GP has been keeping an eye on dd1 who is now 14 months. She can sit unaided and sleeps on her side but cannot rollover, get from lying to sitting, bare her own weight, crawl or walk.

My GP said that she matches the norms of an 8 - 10 month old baby and so she wants dd1 to be formally assessed.

She also mentioned that dd1's 'peaked' top lip could be an indicator of a undiagnosed condition.

Has anyone experienced this? Can you shed any light?

Feeling very anxious and worried sad

Scottie22 Thu 15-Oct-09 20:21:45

Haven't heard of any conditions involving this as an indicator but you could try the sn board. Her mobility difficulties could be symptomatic of something neurological otherwise e.g. low muscle tone?

I guess you will have been referred to a paediatrician but physio might also be useful if you haven't already got this or been referred...

Hope you get some answers soon though - is a very worrying time when you think there might be something wrong I know x

shimster Sun 18-Oct-09 08:33:49

Thanks so much. Hopefully our appointment will come soon. Seeing a paediatrician and neurologist so should know a lot more after that. Feeling a bit calmer now. Whatever happens, she's got a great family who love her heaps so she'll have all the support she needs

Thanks again smile

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