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potty training going well - until nursery?????????????????????

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katharinepearce Thu 15-Oct-09 11:24:21

HI - does anyone have any advice on potty training?. My DS is almost 2.5 and has taken to potty training really quickly this last week at home. He now runs and gets his potty saying 'my want a wee wee' then sits, wees and likes to help empty it into the toilet. We have had 4 consecutive days with no accidents despite lots of trips to supermarket/ park/ toddler groups etc - so, all good...

But he goes to nursery 2 days a week and both days now he has screamed and screamed and refused to wear his pants in the morning (which he normally loves choosing) saying that he wants his nappy on. He has then gone on to have lots of accidents at nursery (despite sitting on a potty apparently), which I assume just upsets him more. I tried to take his special Thomas potty in to see if it is the nursery potty he doesn't like but he screamed at that too and said it had to stay at home....

It has made him really unsettled before and after nursery (lots of clinginess and playing up) and we have had some very sleepless nights too with lots of shouting out for mummy - so he is obviously feeling insecure....

I'm just really unsure what to do as he was doing so well at home that I am reluctant to put him back in pants and retuen to square one - equally, I obviously don't want him to be so upset that he doesn't want to go to nursery anymore (he now keeps saying he doesn't like nursery, doesn't want to go)....

Has anyone else experienced this??? Any advice greatly appreciated!!!!

ki28 Thu 15-Oct-09 11:32:56

hi, i wouldnt worry,he is still very young. Boys can also take longer to train then girls as with quite alot of the milestones. The most important thing is that he is aware of the sensation of needing a wee as he does it at home no bother. out of the house can be very diff story. He mite be worrying but having a accident at nursery which is why he is clingy. Also it is so easy for them to forget before it is to late and they wee there pants,there is so much stimulation going on at nursery,other children and activites.

Maybe dont put in back in nappies,but in pull ups while out the house and pants at home. It worked for me.
Good luck

boolifooli Thu 15-Oct-09 11:39:26

Sort of similar thing here. DS never has an accident in the house, very good control etc etc but at nursery he just refuses to sit on the potty and voila, does it in his pants. The nursery are behind me in that we just have to grin our teeth and bear the mega loads of laundry. The nursery assistant said it's very common because they are so absorbed with the whole nursery thing. I'm sure if you persevere he will get the hang of it. There are no short cuts in this game.

ShinyAndNew Thu 15-Oct-09 11:42:18

Dd1 was fully potty trained at about 20 months. She didn't even need a nappy during the night.

She wet herself on almost a daily basis when started nursery @ 3.

She settled down after a few weeks. It might just be a reaction to a new situation. Give him some time to settle in and I am sure he will be fine.

katharinepearce Thu 15-Oct-09 11:57:02

Thank you for all your replies - definitely a big help to know we are not alone!!! I think I am a bit overly-worried as DS has never really settled very well into nursery (despite having been there for >1.5 years!!!) but had actually been a bit better over the last few months - so I am just paranoid now that this will start a downwards spiral again where he just screams the place down again

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