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DD is refusing to eat breakfast and not eating much packed lunch.

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Lovemyshoes Tue 13-Oct-09 21:18:10

DD1 (10) refuses to eat breakfast of any kind, even though I got all the cereals that she likes (I draw the line at sweet sugary cereal), she won't eat toast or anything.

It is driving me to distraction as i want her to have something and don't like the idea of her going to school on an empty stomach.

A while ago she used to have cereal and toast with a drink of juice, but, now nothing.

She also doesn't eat much of her packed lunch, the main reason behind this is because I think she is too nosey and too busy chatting and eating lunch with her friends etc.

Then when she comes homes she is ravenous and is constantly wanting something to eat and if I say no she gets ratty.

Does anyone else have a similar problem with their DC? If so, how did you tackle it?

ZZZenAgain Tue 13-Oct-09 21:41:08

no, dd eats breakfast, not always enthusiastically (mainly because it is always porridge) but she does eventually wade through it.

Would your dd drink a banana smoothie? You can also make them apparently with some porridge oats blended in (which amazingly I have never tried) but did read it on the back of an oats packet once.

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 14-Oct-09 07:12:26

My dd 8.5 has always been an abysmal eater. she seems to have not appetite whatsoever. I send her to school with a small roll, some salami sticks, a bunch of grapes and a biscuit and a carton of juice. She generally has a weetabix, some flakes or a slice of toast for breakfast and that is a struggle to get down her. When she comes out of school she inevitably has the sandwich and grapes but won't eat either and gets stroppy when I won't give her chocolate. I don't think she gets enough time to eat her lunch and is too busy chatting with classmates. The school don't seem to supervise very closely either despite me asking her teacher to watch her. We did have issues where another girl was taking her snack, this has pretty much stopped but still she doesn't eat.
so in a word, nothing to offer except sympathy.

FernieB Wed 14-Oct-09 08:49:55

Out of my DD twins (9) I have one good eater and one not so good. She rarely eats much for breakfast and it drives me nuts too. They have school dinners but as there is no choice at school they only eat if they like it, otherwise they just eat bread and fruit for lunch.

I try to vary breakfast as much as possible with different cereals or toast or eggs (if we have time). Would she eat a couple of digestive biscuits and some fruit - I remember hearing a doctor once saying that that was a fairly nutritious breakfast if you were in a hurry.

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