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crying at the school door!

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khartnett Tue 13-Oct-09 09:32:25

Hello all, my daughter is 6 and in year 2.

Twice last week and today and yesterday she has been absolutley fine until its time to go in the door for school and she's started to hug my legs, crying and won't go in.

Has anyone else had this, the teachers have had to man handle her to get her in and after 5 mins say she's ok?

She's never done this before its just all of a sudden.

Any advice gladly received. Kasey

Barmymummy Tue 13-Oct-09 18:45:49

Hi there! Ohhhhhh yes I can relate very well!

My DD is 7 and has just gone into year 3. Has always been very confident and has loved school from the very beginning.

BUT!!! After 2 days back at school and into her new class she was a quivering wreck. Tears in the playground, clinging to me like a limpet at home and regressing back to having a baby doll etc.

She has now settled in better at school but I can see she is still following me around at home etc.

She says school is now very grown up and isn't sure what to do now. I know they are starting to make them become more independent etc and it has freaked her out.

Year 2 is similar. Its a big jump from year 1 and she maybe finding it a big culture shock. If you ask her whats wrong what does she say?

I know how upsetting and unnerving this is when it comes out the blue smile

mathanxiety Tue 13-Oct-09 18:52:16

Maybe the teacher could enlist her as the 'special helper' rather than manhandle her into school? There might be some 'special' job she could be entrusted with in the classroom before school gets under way.

khartnett Tue 13-Oct-09 21:42:11

she just says she doesnt want me to go but then when i pick her up shes beaming and emjoys school

its very strange she has never done it before. we have star chart at home so have added on being a good girl and going to school in the mornings fingers crossed she will be better tomorrow

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