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my 19month old is constantly hitting,kicking,head-butting my 3 year old....

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motherbeyond Mon 12-Oct-09 13:32:45

with a big grin on his face!my 3 year old is a placid little thing and doesn't kinow what to make of it.i have tried everything,ignoring,shouting,naughty corner.nothing seems to work.this is just not acceptable behaviour and will not be tolerated,but im running out of please!!!

FernieB Mon 12-Oct-09 13:44:50

Is there a toy or a group of toys that could be removed for every misdemeanor? Otherwise could a sticker chart work, with a sticker for every 30 minutes of good behaviour?

Have you stuck with the naughty corner and made him apologise afterwards (if he won't then back in the corner)?

Also, make sure your 3 yo is getting lots of attention for being good and that your 19 months old is not winning your attention through his bad behaviour.

motherbeyond Mon 12-Oct-09 13:55:34

yes,he has a mr bump soft toy,that i take away.he cries,but forgets about it and is back to hitting her.
and yup,he always very upset after naughty corner and says "honi" (sorry!) to me and his sister,then cuddles.i'm really stuck,my little girl was never like mum thinks it's because i'm pregnant,and suffering from morning not convinced!

FernieB Mon 12-Oct-09 14:06:57

Could be the pregnancy! If you're suffering with sickness, you probably aren't as lively as a 19 month old would like you to be and he's too young to understand why. If he is just wanting extra attention, could you get your mum to take your daughter for a couple of hours and give him all your attention for that time, or maybe he could go off and be spoilt by Granny for a bit. You'll still have to be really firm about enforcing the no-hitting rule, so he knows it's not acceptable, but maybe some one-on-one time might help.

motherbeyond Mon 12-Oct-09 14:09:53

i suppose,it's dfficult though.there is only my mum who could help,and i've recently started back at work and she has them a couple of days a can't really ask any more of's already a bone of contention i feel

FernieB Mon 12-Oct-09 18:42:26

Ha! Been there, done that. My mum had mine for 2 days a week when I returned to work. I gave up a couple of years later. Became a bone of contention as I paid her for her 2 days and then felt I couldn't ask for any more babysitting, yet she was forever looking after my siblings kids at the weekend for free.

Does your daughter go to nursery yet? That would give you some time just with your son. Otherwise, I think you're just going to have to grin and bear it and keep reinforcing the naughty corner. He'd better watch out though, your daughter may not put up with it for long and she's bigger than he is! Does he behave like this when he's with your mum? Sometimes kids behave worse with mum because they want mum's attention.

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