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I yr old waking sooo much at night :(

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Tickelish Mon 12-Oct-09 09:56:45

Hello, my little one is waking at about 3am every morning then every about 10-20 mins till 5ish when she's up. Sleeps well otherwise, been going on about 3 weeks. Going slowly insane due to sleep deprivation- please help!!!!

lilyrose123 Mon 12-Oct-09 14:04:43

hey tickelish, my daughter is 16months and has been a great sleeper until we recently came back from holiday about 4 weeks ago, we've had some terrible nights with her, not sure if its teeth or nightmares, i know she's not hungry or wet or cold, and she is tired,
it seems to have got less this last week but the only thing i could do in the end was take her back through her bedtime routine, so i took her out of cot left her in sleeping bag came downstairs, gave her warm milk and let her watch her episode of in the night garden, as this is what we do after bathtime at night, and she would go back down, it was like tricking her into thinking it was bedtime again, kept lights low and converstaion to minimum, worried i was getting my self into a bad habit but like i say touch wood its only happened once in the last 5 days so hopefully its coming to an end.

Poohbearsmom Tue 13-Oct-09 13:48:37

I wish i had some good advice for ya but my 18 month old is an awful sleeper and i hav to give him milk to get him back to sleep and i tot know he will never sleep properly untill i get him to stop taking milk at night time but i walk for hours and he crys and my heart breaks and i end up co sleeping the entire second half of the night!! All i can say is good luck, ur not alone and i hope it gets better for both of us soon x

BiscuitStuffer Tue 13-Oct-09 21:30:39

is your heating on yet? The 3 weeks coincides with when the weather turned chillier and 3am is the classic time for low temperatures to wake little ones. FWIW our monitor has said the same temperature but it is definitely colder and I've had to get the oil rads going to warm the room otherwise there are multiple night wakings.

BiscuitStuffer Tue 13-Oct-09 21:31:19

also - is she particularly wet? Would a nappy change help to make her more comfy?

Tickelish Tue 13-Oct-09 21:35:19

Thanks- I would take her in to bed with us if she would sleep there, but she doesnt, she just gets all excited about getting up. Think it might be because i have started settling her at nursery. She is not settling well and wants me there. I think the same thing hapens at night, and that i have become a sleep prop for her. I tried controlled crying for her nap today, she lasted 2 hrs before she gave in to sleep. Absolutely breaks my heart just leaving her for 2 mins, let alone 15 mins at a time, but unless we all start getting some sleep soon we may well go mad!

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