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DD suddenly scared of everything!!

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Pagan Fri 10-Jun-05 16:51:55

She's 21 months and has suddenly taken to wailing and bawling at:

creepy crawlies
any form of vehicle

I'm not the swooning at a beastie type and have never shown any fear of such things in front of her (I'm a SAHM). She was never bothered by them before and only ever wailed at the hoover. Ironically she's now outgrown that fear. She has also become very clingy when there are other kids present.

She is just constantly whiney for no apparent reason whereas before she was angelic

Is it just a phase of age?

dinosaur Fri 10-Jun-05 16:54:40

I don't do the swooning at beasties thing either, but DS1 and DS2 (one on the autistic spectrum, the other not) have both had a phase of making a huge fuss about flies and bees. Thankfully they've now both outgrown it, although they are both a bit scared of wasps since DS2 got stung last summer.

My guess is, it's just a phase.

sfg Sat 11-Jun-05 21:28:11

DS1 (26 months) is suddenly scared of flies and bees. He was gearing up to be scared of spiders too till I told him they eat flies.

dino-mum, how long did the phase last? and did you Do Anything to try to shorten it?

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