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3 week old doesn't seem to like being awake - normal?

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fabulosa Sun 11-Oct-09 09:58:15

DS2 is now 3 weeks+4 and the situation is just that, he doesn't seem to be able to cope very well with being awake. He feeds approximately every 3 hours and will wake up about half an hour before then, have a kick on his changing mat for a bit, then feed and back off to sleep. This would be fine except that it seems very easy to miss the window of him going to sleep and then he doesn't know what to do with himself and it's crying and, at best, fitful dozing for 3 hours until the next feed. This is worse in the evening. Should I be trying to entertain him more rather than assuming that he wants to go to sleep? How long is it reasonable to expect a baby of this age to sleep? Or, is this situation normal and should I just be waiting for it to improve over the next few weeks? I appreciate that I should know this already but I don't remember it with DS1, who is now 4. Any suggestions gratefully received!

twelveyeargap Sun 11-Oct-09 10:11:06

Very normal for him to want to sleep imo. Have you tried feeding him as soon as he wakes and letting him have the kick afterwards? Might work better, might not.

Babies are usually more restless in the early evenings, often because the household is busier. Try putting the bassinet/ carrycot (if you use one downstairs) up in a bedroom where it's quieter.

I don't think a 3 week old needs entertaining. Food, sleep and cuddles and a bit of chat from you should suffice.

Do you swaddle him? He might find it easier to go back to sleep if you do.

Miggsie Sun 11-Oct-09 18:06:52

Watching the world go round is more than enough entertainment for a 3mo.

My DD slept like a trooper, my friend dropped round to see her and she never woke up!
Snoozed for 5 hours, when my friend had to go...then she woke up, had a feed a dropped off again.

Don't complain, have a sleep yourself!

lazyemma Sun 11-Oct-09 20:36:36

I remember my daughter was just like that at 3 weeks. If she was awake and not feeding, she wasn't happy. Not necessarily full on crying all the time, but lots of fretting and grizzling. The only thing that calmed her was pacing and jiggling! She hated lying down still - would only fall asleep on me. She did get more chilled out as the weeks past and I'm sure your son will too.

fabulosa Sun 11-Oct-09 21:16:23

Thanks, that's all reassuring! He does seem to get more grizzly as the day goes on when he's awake. I was just unsure if it was because he wanted to be asleep and wasn't able to get himself off or if it might be something else to think about. I'll hang on with it all and see how it goes: hopefully he'll be a bit more content with the whole being awake thing soon!

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