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10 month old constipated again...

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fireandice Thu 08-Oct-09 22:09:29

Hi. My 10 month old dd has been very regular with her poos since she was born... she went everyday and often many times a day. 2 weeks ago she got badly constipated and was prescribed lactulose liquid and then suppositries a few days later. She eventually went on day 6. In the meantime she had been straining really hard and crying trying to poo. What little she did manage to push out was very hard (sorry for the graphic details!!). She was then ok for a week... going daily but is constipated again and strains and cries while trying to go and again manages to push out a very small hard bit. I am not really sure what to do to help her. GP doesn't seem too concerned but I would like to do something to help her as she really gets upset when trying. She is drinking less milk in the last few weeks as she has started eating a bit more (she really didn't eat much solids before and still doesn't eat much variety). I am giving her water all the time and she manages to drink about 80-100 mls a day plus about 200 - 300mls of milk. I have tried prune juice/orange juice but she won't have it. She is extremely fussy in terms of what she will eat/drink. So impossible to give her something she doesn't want... giving her lactulose liquid involves me and my DH holding her down and forcing open her mouth! Any ideas/suggestions very, very welcome as I am out of ideas.

thisisyesterday Thu 08-Oct-09 22:11:37

is she eating anything new that might be making her constipated?
in this house weetabix and bananas are the main culprits when it comes to constipation

ds1 is very prone to it, and when he was little I used to puree some prunes and mix it with natural yoghurt, which did the trick. or anything with lentils makes him go! but obviously it's best to sort out the cause rathert than just the symptoms.

hope you get to the bottom of it soon! (excuse pun)

fireandice Thu 08-Oct-09 22:22:42

Thanks - will definitely try pureed prunes in yoghurt. To answer your question her diet 2 weeks ago was very very limited - sweetcorn, carrot, yoghurt and fromage frais. In the last 2 weeks she has started eating one or 2 more things so I don't think it can be the food. My concern is that her liquid intake has gone down quite a bit as she is eating a bit more so is drinking less milk (about 1/2 of what she used to drink). That is the change that happened a few weeks ago and I'm wondering if it could be because of that. If so I don't really know what to do as she is a tiny,tiny eater so if I giver her more milk, she won't eat her food. I give her as much water as she will have but that too interferes with her food intake. And when she is constipated for a few days she eats even less than normal. It feels like a vicious circle!!!

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