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Good tips for "encouraging" 1yo DD to eat from bowl rather than off tray?

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titferbrains Thu 08-Oct-09 18:59:05

DD gets mostly finger food and I'd really like to start putting it in a bowl. But if you put any sort of receptacle in front of her she turns it upside down immediately regardless of whether there is food in it or not. How did you tackle this? Did you just keep putting a tiny bit in the bowl and giving it to them till it stopped? Or did you use a sucker bowl? I have visions of peas being frisbeed across the kitchen...ours is quite big and I suspect I'd be picking up bits for days. Tho having said that DD has recently turned into human hoover putting anything she finds on the floor. Feel like a total slattern now, but I digress...

seaglass Thu 08-Oct-09 19:58:43

At 1yo, I wouldn't have thought it's a big problem, and peas will fly whether in a bowl or on the tray.
Could you give her a bowl on the tray and let her put stuff in it herself, then eat out of it that way? SHe might get the idea easier then, rather than suddenly expect her to eat out of the bowl - as she gets older, and understands more, you can start going into table manners etc.

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