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New born not pood for 11 days

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newbabydad Thu 08-Oct-09 15:16:51

Our baby boy is nearly 8 weeks old. His poo in the first 3 week was absolutely fine, and regular, but after that he started going only once a week, and it's now been 11 days since the last time he went!

We've been back to the GP 3 times and they seem relatively unconcerned. First time they thought his rectum was a bit tight and some poo did indeed come out when the doctor examined him. But no joy since. We are now giving him tiny bit of orange juice and have been prescribed some liquid laxative. He's been breast fed all along and apart from this is in good health.

Just wondering if anyone else has been through this and what the causes may have been?


TwentiethCenturyHeffa Thu 08-Oct-09 15:58:33

Sorry, not much advice here. When my DD was newborn she didn't go for 9 days at one point which the MW said was fairly normal but to call them if it happened any more. Have you tried calling the Health Visitor at all?

Hopefully someone else will be along in a moment with more advice.

louii Thu 08-Oct-09 16:02:11

Absolutely normal in a breastfed baby, is his poo hard when he goes?

newbabydad Thu 08-Oct-09 16:08:29

Thanks for the feedback. The doctors have checked his stomach and say there are no hard stools waiting to come out, it's just a case of he needs to go (he farts and wees all the time)

louii Thu 08-Oct-09 16:18:46

If his poo is not hard then he its doubtful he is constipated, no need to be giving orange juice or laxatives.

If its lactulose he has been prescribed thats a stool softener anyway not a laxative per se so pointless to give if no hard poo.

If you think he needs to go or is straining maybe hold him so he is squatting, a vibrating bouncy chair thing is helpful as well.

No real wastage with breastmilk so not as much pooing, DS used to regularly go 10/11 days.

newbabydad Thu 08-Oct-09 16:50:58

Thanks louii.....although not hard I think they prescribed as something to try just in case (I'll have to check what it's called when I get home). It good to hear from others that this can be 'normal'. Thanks

Leenie Thu 08-Oct-09 21:52:23

it's very common for breastfed babies to go alot less, my DS sometimes diddnt go for upto 10 days, and very rarely went more than one a week for the first 4 or 5 months, if the GP has checked and theres no probs i wouldnt worry, my HV said BF babies produce no real waste whereas bottle fed babies will produce waste mostly once a day, Once weaning starts, they soon make up for it grin

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