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4 year old started wetting herself every day?

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Lola11 Thu 08-Oct-09 04:29:58

my almost 4 year old started wetting herself again after not having a single accident for about 10 months (day or night). Has anyone had any experience with this? Could this be linked to the fact she started her school recently? She loves going there but keeps having accidents both at home and while at school every day. I am not sure if she doesn't get to the toilet in time because she gets too excited and carried away by what she is doing, but she is doing it at home too for the first time since she she has been potty trained!? Thanks!

Doyouthinktheysaurus Thu 08-Oct-09 04:45:34

I've had this at times with both my DS's, normally linked to periods of change or stress for them.

It could very well be linked to starting school. I knopw DS2 (5) is having issues with getting to the loo at school as he doesn't like to ask or make a fuss.

DS1 (6) gets around it by not drinking much at schoolhmm

Hopefully she will settle down soon and get back to normal. It can be very frustrating though, I know.

Lola11 Thu 08-Oct-09 08:52:54

Thank you Doyouthinktheysaurus. I can understand that they get stressed out/ shy in the new environment, so a bit confused that it is happening even at home.

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