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Bathing 5 mo: What equipment to replace this pls?

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mummywoowoo Wed 07-Oct-09 23:13:13

The white reclining ergonomic bath seat.

He's now too heavy for this - which he has always liked...Is there anything similiar that I can use, that's just for bigger babies?? He's not sitting up yet...

Both us parents have bad backs and so holding him in the bath isn't really an option.

Help anyone?

ChocOrange05 Thu 08-Oct-09 08:49:45

We've had this from birth and its great. DS is still using it at 11mo and probably will for another month or two yet.

MrsMagnolia Thu 08-Oct-09 14:35:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gingertoo Thu 08-Oct-09 14:41:19

I have a nightmare bad back so I used to bath dc3 in a bowl in the kitchen sink blush
He loved it

or take him in the bath with you?

Might save you having to buy a piece of equipment that you are only going to use for a short amount of time...

nondomesticgoddess Thu 08-Oct-09 14:45:58

Do you mean the fairly basic white plastic one? Both of mine were in it until they were sitting very well on their own and they were both BIG babies. I think you can use it up to 8 months. In what way does your baby seem to heavy for it?

MrsMagnolia Thu 08-Oct-09 16:14:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

clarea1 Fri 09-Oct-09 14:21:24

we have the same bath as choc orange and i agree it is brilliant. My son is 8months and can sit up but i like the recliner seat because i feel he is safer at the moment. We also have a corner bath which is rather large and wasteful/ time consuming to fill. I think he will be in the baby bath for some time to come!

one of our best baby purchases me thinks!

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