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pinching/scratching in 22 month old

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km1976 Wed 07-Oct-09 19:41:49

My little girl is 22 months old. Always been very energetic and boisterous. Having a massive problem with aggression. She is scratching our faces or just grabbing our whole cheek in her hand and twisting. Today had friends with a 3 month old baby come around and she grabbed her hair in both hands really tight. I always say no and remove her from the situation and give her time out if she does it again. She seems to find the whole thing amusing, and it is only getting worse. She gets lots of praise for good things! I am at the end of my tether, partly as 7 months pregnant with the next one!!! Have got to the point where I am refusing all play dates as I am so upset by her behaviour....any ideas???

Lucy88 Wed 07-Oct-09 22:35:48

Hi, the situation must be really difficult for you.

My Nephew started hitting at about this age and he was really aggressive. My sister just used to tell him 'No', but he still did it. When he was at my house, I introduced an immediate time out for hitting. No warnings at all. If he hit, he would be told very firmly NO, YOU DO NOT HIT and you are going on time out. He would then be removed and I would sit him in a corner for 1 minute. If he moved he got put back. The key is consistency and a firm voice.

My sister hates me doing it, but I am not having him constantly hiting my son and me. It only took a couple of weeks and he doesn't hit at all at my house now, although he still hits my sister.

Keep going with it and use a firm voice - you will get there with her.

Good luck

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