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What would you have done?

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colditz Wed 07-Oct-09 13:06:44

Ds2 got to preschool this morning, and quietly insisted he wanted to stay with me, and NOT stay at preschool. So I took him out. AT about 12pm he started wailing about being bored, and wanting to go to preschool - and I told him it was too late, and he could go tomorrow.

He's grumpy with me - did I do the right thing?

LoveBeingAMummy Wed 07-Oct-09 13:08:33

Yes, re not going back. Not sure about not leaving him in the first please. He needs to know he can't just change his mind very 10 mins. What would you ahve done if it were school?

colditz Wed 07-Oct-09 13:23:23

It's not school though, it's playschool, I don't actually care if he doesn't go. Ds1 demands so much of my time that ds2 gets shortchanged a little.

deleting Wed 07-Oct-09 13:28:10

playschool, not reception? I would say that's okay once in a while. How old is he? ds used to cry when I left him, but loved it once he was settled in (he did 3 afternoons a week). I suppose the fact that he was bored and changed his mind later is a lesson - don't let them make too many decisions!

colditz Wed 07-Oct-09 13:34:22

He's 3.5, and it's very unusual for him to not want to go.

But like I say, if he genuinely doesn't want to go, I'll just pull him out, and he can start school at 4. i don't mind keeping him at home with me.

He normally does three full days a week. On two of those days his dad picks him up and he doesn't see me until bedtime. Then on Friday night he sleeps at his dad's and stays there all day Saturday. SO he may be simply missing Mummy.

MaMight Wed 07-Oct-09 13:59:48

I would have done the same OP.

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