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What activities/clubs in a week.....does your toddler do?

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Clare123 Wed 07-Oct-09 11:09:08

My toddler (26 months) does 2 play groups and a football club (very, very cute). I am looking for a music group. How many does yours do? (Am I doing too much?!) Also, does your toddler enjoy music and sit down long enough for it?

Gateau Wed 07-Oct-09 11:28:19

My DS (2.5) goes to nursery two days a week. But on the other days the only class he does- and the only class he has ever done - is Socatots. He's just started it - and to be honest I think he's still too young for it. He doesn't obey the instructions and runs around like a mad thing but we'll keep on going with it. I have never taken him to a music group because I know he wouldn't sit still for it, nor would I expect him to. He's a tot and he prefers to be running around! Plus these music groups aren't my thing anyway.
IMO, you are doing enough. I think most of these 'classes' for toddlers and babies are just one big marketing scam. Plenty of time for them to have timetables and adhere to class structure when they're at school.
What's wrong with doing natural stuff that costs you nothing, eg going to the park, chilling at home, watching some diggers and tractors on a building site or horses in a field, playing in or watering the garden, going for a walk and collecting conkers,going into a pet shop and showing them the animals, whatever... In other words, just let them be when they're so small, is my way of thinking.

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