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3 and a half year old.....

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gorge2003 Wed 07-Oct-09 10:57:32

ok so my 3 and a half year old has turned into a little git....

he ignores anything we say to him and just looks at us and walks off...getting pretty irritating!

he refuses to go to bed at night and repeatedly comes out of his room moaning and he trashes his room EVERY night...pulls everything out

also he has been potty trained completely for about 4 months (been dry during the day for over a year) and night(night bout 4 months) and recently he keeps wetting his bed up to 4 times a night! could this be down to my 4 week old dd arriving?

his behaviour was awful before dd arrived, we have tried everything, naughty chair, taking away toys etc etc!

im at my wits end! He is perfect at preschool btw!

CaptainNonentity Wed 07-Oct-09 21:27:21

It's the baby... honestly, it is.
He will go back to his lovely self once things have settled down, and he has made sense of it all.

There is so much uncertainty in pg and childbirth, and children really pick up on that, and it is very difficult for them to process and deal with.

Just give him lots of hugs, reassurance, keep to the boundaries you had before. He needs to know that life isn't really different just because he has a sister now. Try not to punish him, rather praise the good and distract.

It is very hard (I have a 3.8 and a 8mo) but these early days will pass before you know it, and hopefully pretty soon you'll look at them both together and your insides will melt [blart]

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