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Toilet problems - I have run out of options

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annmar Tue 06-Oct-09 16:35:11

Apologies, this is quite long.

DD1 (5.2) has been at school since January.

She's always been a bit hit and miss with weeing, but after a lot of effort last term we thought we had sorted it.

Fast forward to September and after two dry weeks, she has now weed in her knickers at least once everyday for the last three weeks.

We have tried a reward chart, it made no difference. We have tried taking things away from her (she is no longer allowed to watch television, eat chocolate or go on the computer), it made no difference.

Her teacher is aware of the problem and is being really good about reminding her to go, but there is only so much she can do.

She has been tested numerous times for infection and always comes back clear.

When I ask her why she didn't go to the toilet she either says she forgot or she didn't want to miss what she was doing.

Has anyone got any suggestions of what to do next?

jazzandh Tue 06-Oct-09 16:41:54

make her have "set" times to go? So you take away the decision process for a while....

So make sure she goes when she gets to school in the morning. Perhaps this will get her through to break time -then impress upon her that SHE MUST GO at the start of break, just before lunch and at the end of the lunch break etc.

have no experience just suggestions. My DS has the opposite problem - won't go all day - so I have to persuade him to go.....

annmar Tue 06-Oct-09 16:51:50

Thanks for replying jazzandh.

She has a list of when she is supposed to go, and her teacher and the dinner ladies are aware that she needs to be reminded to go each break and lunch time.

Unfortunately she seems to get distracted on the way to the toilets and in the toilets and forgets to actually have a wee. When I've asked her why she didn't get to the toilet, she has replied a couple of times that she was talking to someone outside the toilet.

She has no attention span when it comes to weeing, everything else she can concentrate for hours.

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