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is my 10 month old sleep problems habitual? If so how do i break them?

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mad4myboys Tue 06-Oct-09 12:54:10

ds2is 10 months old. Firstly he has a few health issues that are being looked into and pain he gets in his stomach causes him to wake up crying in pain.

Anyway, he has a rough routine, he naps morning and afternoon about the same sort of time but some times he can nap for over an hour but generally he sleeps just over half an hour and wakes up crying, stands up, wide awake and cant get to sleep again, same in the afternoon.

Just now i had him asleep in my arms, he woke around the half hour mark, nothing woke him, just started moving around. i settled him back down without him fully waking and went back into nice sleep so have just put him in his now has been asleep about 3/4 hour. At the w/e's occasionaly he will have his nap on DH and he can sleep for over an hour no prob.....

As i said his health probs do cause him to wake 3-4 hours a night but sometimes i cant help feel it is habitual as he isnthungry. So i i tackle the naps first,if it IS habitial how do i change this? He is tired all the time so i need to do something (plus me being exhausted)

MummyLau Tue 06-Oct-09 13:08:02

are you sure he isnt hungry? my son is 22 months now, he has been waking through the night until recently. I know this is habit now!! but i know he is hungry too coz i've recently changed his eating routine, hes not waking anymore. why dont you stock him up with food towards nap time and bedtime and just see, then if that doesnt work, then you can definitely rule out hunger....???

its hard being exhausted i know! hope things improve xxx

mad4myboys Tue 06-Oct-09 18:45:13

well in the night he isnt hungry as he will only take an ounce. He doesnt eat alot and is on a restricted diet so i do end upfeeding him little and often....

Rycie Thu 08-Oct-09 18:50:10

My 11month old had reflux and then finally properly diagnosed with an allergy to dairy... I can't tell you how poor her sleeping habits have been

But now that we are sorting out her tummy, her sleeping is improving amazingly,

I think you should completely rule out any health issues before worrying about bad habits, it sounds as if he may be waking from pain, and wants the extra comfort of being close to you when he naps..

Keeping a log of his night wakings will quickly let you know if they are habitual or not

ExplodingBananas Thu 08-Oct-09 20:22:08

Do you have the cot propped up, my DS has terrible reflux and for some reason this makes a big difference.

It's been propped up since he was tiny and now that he is cruising in his cot I decided to put it back level in case he knocks it off its blocks. That night he woke up twice when he normally sleeps thru.

mad4myboys Thu 08-Oct-09 21:26:25

reflux is one of his health issues but it isnt as straight forward as that. yes also his cot is propped up and has been since birth smile

his day wakings are def habitual.

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