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Improving concentration.

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gr8kids Tue 06-Oct-09 10:04:40

My dd is 9 and in year 5 now. She isn't the worst in her class but could do so much better if only she would concentrate. Now the problem is that if something was distracting her then that could be sorted but its not....she is such a day dreamer and it worries me alot. She is a very happy little girl, which is great but how far is that going to get her in life. Please can anyone help me with suggestions as to what I could do to help her try concentrate. smile

gr8kids Tue 06-Oct-09 15:35:07


ICANDOTHAT Tue 06-Oct-09 16:32:53

1. Fish oil supplements - loads of them grin 2. Additive free diet 3. Card or board games. My ds2 is ADHD and all these have helped him massively in improving concentration. Is it affecting her learning at school? Are her teachers concerned ?

gr8kids Wed 07-Oct-09 14:50:21

Thank you for your suggestion I'll give it a go. She is a day dreamer and yes her teacher is concerned that she doesn't concentrate long enough to get anything in. We have a additive free diet at home. She doesn't have ADHD. I wish I knew what I did wrong for her to daydream so much. Even in her everyday life she has to do something she being told to do straight away or she'll get carried away with playing in her own little world. hmm

ICANDOTHAT Wed 07-Oct-09 20:08:35

Some kids are just dolly day dreamers and that's the way it is. I know it's not ideal for school, but unless it's seriously affecting her learning, I would just help her along. As long as she's not slipping behind, I wouldn't worry too much. If, however she is not accessing the curriculum fully, you need to meet with teacher and SENCO to discuss strategies to help her - it could be something as simple as giving her a short break during longer tasks.

gr8kids Thu 08-Oct-09 13:18:09

No probs, I'll do that. Thank you for your help. grin

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