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DS 3 yr old innapropriate behaviour with genitals - advice needed

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Marie100 Mon 05-Oct-09 21:40:13

Very difficult situation and we would really appreciate some advice.
My DS is 3 and the other week tried to put his willey into his younger brothers mouth.
Then things got worse when the same thing happened with his cousin.
Now he is asking his best friend to do the same thing at playschool. We are not sure if anything has actually happened but are horrified.

We dont want him to think he is a bad person or that his willy is wrong. Its the fact that he is involving other children that is so difficult to know what to do.

We keep reminding him that his willy is for wee's only but it does not seem to be having any effect.

Very worried and would really appreciate some advice of best way to deal with it.

SolidGhoulBrass Mon 05-Oct-09 21:45:07

Remind him that willies are private and special, and that no one else should touch his willy (except mum, dad or a doctor when necessary) and he shouldn't touch other people's. This is because willies (and bottoms) are special and private.
I agree with you that it's important not to make him think that he or his willy are 'wrong', and small DC often do this kind of thing as a way of exploring themselves and the world around them, so it's best to be very matter of fact about it.

buy1get1free Tue 06-Oct-09 07:52:29

My ds2 was really into getting his out in the queue at Tescos - GREAT. When I explained that that is where he's wee wee come out of and it's a bit yukky, he didn't like it. Needless to say, it stayed in his trousers after that. You just need to keep stressing to him the fact it's private etc etc. However, if you are truly worried it's something else, you need to sit down with DH and talk ....... don't be surprised if you get an 'OMG!' reaction from other parents.

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