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5 yr ol boy obstreporous (sp?) behaviour advice please

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hermykne Sun 04-Oct-09 18:09:01

ds is a good little boy genereally but this past few weeks he has gotten cheeky - repeats what i say ; ignores me - it could take 4 times before he listens; just plain flatly repeats what i have asked him not to do; he did this kinda thing in my mums yesterday , today is dd s birthday and my god is he put out by it, he got the exact same for his day btw,
so what is it? attention seeking
just boldness, a boy behaviourial thing, i am fed up up with it really and tired of doing t/o or removing a toy item/thing...

any ideas, TIA

DottyDot Mon 05-Oct-09 15:14:48

Hmm - has he just started reception or gone into year 1? I tend to blame all bad behaviour in this first half term on them being back at school and being (a) completely knackered and (b) picking up on all the delightful habits their friends have hmm

Hopefully if you keep to your usual routine and stick to 'punishing' what's not acceptable and rewarding good behaviour, things will settle down again (I'm also hoping this will happen very soon in the Dottydot household!).

hermykne Mon 05-Oct-09 21:06:59

oh dotty dot i hope it settles, i am worn out by it and being adult about i take it too seriously but it just spoils the harmony up to that point and i get so frustrated with him and why he is doing it repeatedly, tonight for instance he had been asked 4 times to get into bed , every time he found something to look at, pick up , touch rearrange and finally i just roared! and poor dd is upset then and i think he knows what he is doing completely. of course he says he s sorry and wont do it again but he does .......
dh took him off on his bike alone today and he was v good, i had him alone for awhile too, then dd came home after a day with her gran and i think maybe he was completely put out by this, but it was her turn and he had his a while back. it was explained to him why she had this .
puts me in ab ad mood

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