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12 month old, becoming very independant & bad tempered!!

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BlueJellie Sat 03-Oct-09 22:21:17

My DS over the past couple of weeks has decided to get into an uncontrollable rage if I try and do anything for him. Mainly brushing his teeth - he will not let me hold the toothbrush, he wants to do it himself - and by this I mean chewing on it and brushing his gums not his actual teeth - he won't even let me hold his hand and guide him! Is this a phase or will his teeth never be clean again?! This has stemmed to other things such as holding spoons, cups etc but those I can cope with, a bit (well a lot) of mess doesn't bother me - but his dental health does!! When I say cups I mean proper 'adult' cups not with a spout - he like to snatch them if I'm drinking juice and have a go himself lol!

boredwithfoodprob Sat 03-Oct-09 22:32:05

Yep sounds just like my 13 month old DS - I worry about his teeth too - won't let us brush for him, just likes to suck off the tooth paste and then points to the tube of toothpaste to ask for more to eat! He hates having his nappy changed, getting dressed, being fed etc etc Basically he's 1 going on 6! I guess he's just fighting for independence which is sometimes very funny but also often very frustrating! I guess it might become easier when he can understand language and instructions more - eg "First Mummy do it then DS do it" etc etc etc I hope so anyway....

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