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Does anyone else's baby feed them?

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BertieBotts Sat 03-Oct-09 18:14:58

My DS (12mo) is always trying to feed me. It's funny because he has this very serious expression on his face while trying to shove various food items (sometimes already thoughtfully chewed hmm) into my mouth grin

Wigeon Sat 03-Oct-09 19:09:44

Oh yes, DD always seems to think that we fancy whatever mush she's eating. She is particularly happy if we do actually eat it. That's when she's not trying to grab whatever we're eating...

pispirispis Sat 03-Oct-09 23:12:47

Yes, my dd loves feeding me the bits she doesn't want off the high chair. She also wants me to open my mouth and show her what I'm eating hmm and smiles with approval if I do (yuck, I know)

iwascyteenagewerewolf Sat 03-Oct-09 23:20:34

Oh yes, all of the above. Now that DS is getting into using a spoon, he also likes to feed me an empty spoon in between feeding himself grin It's very cute.

LoveBeingAMummy Sat 03-Oct-09 23:23:16

Yep, plus offers to everyone in the room if any there grin

iwascyteenagewerewolf Sat 03-Oct-09 23:24:10

Mine also likes to hold out a tasty morsel then snatch it away when you go to eat it hmm grin

busybutterfly Sun 04-Oct-09 19:33:39

Yes, DD feeds me too. Not that I want chewed up breadsticks but hey.

Crazycatlady Sun 04-Oct-09 19:59:14

YES!! My (almost) 9 month old is constantly trying to shove well chewed toast and hummus in my face or a soggy rice cake... yuk... but I always feel obliged to struggle down a little bite as she looks so disappointed if I don't.

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