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IS this normal?

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JennyPennyNAPPYWEB Fri 02-Oct-09 12:43:45

Somebody pointed out to me on holiday that DD1 does show signs that might be linked to have adhd or something similar.

My main concerns are:

- She started "terrible 2s" type behavouir at about 12 months
- Still doesn't sleep through the night at 21 months
- Lots of tantrums and can often get violent: hitting, biting, pinching. But this can come and go in phases
- Doesn't really concentrate on anything for more than 5 mins. Except if she is very tired, she will sit and watch TV, but is usually doing something else at the same time.
- She is clever though and advanced in some ways. She was pulling herself up to standing at 6 months for example.
- Right from birth, she was never happy staying still. From about 3 weeks old, she wanted to be standing on her feet, and could do it just by holding your hands and by 2 months was very sterdy if holding your.
- She was also a misserable baby. It is only now I have DD2 that I am realising just how difficult DD1 was. She just wasn't happy if she wasn't constantly stimulated, getting bored of mobiles/baby gyms etc after 5 mins.
- she also hardly eats anything, but still seems to have the energy to run around.
- She gets tired, but seems to have trouble just relaxing. She will never just sit and have a cuddle or anything - and never really has. She just is never happy doing nothing.

What do you all think? Sound normal? Might just be here being a PITA!

Twinsmommy Fri 02-Oct-09 12:56:18

IMHO - sounds like my twin boys - totally NORMAL behaviour. She's only just coming up to 2 years of age, and nothing you have written here, FOR HER AGE, screams at me ADHD/something similar. I wouldn't be too quick to go down the ADHD route if I were you. Your DD sounds perfectly normal - relax!

JennyPennyNAPPYWEB Fri 02-Oct-09 12:58:07

Great thanks. I wasn't panicking about it. Just that somebody said it to me so thought I would get some more opinions.

deepdarkwood Fri 02-Oct-09 13:05:13

To me (both mine are NT) sounds well within the range of normal - most of the things on the list would describe on or other of my two at that age.
Some children just are 'happier' & more physically active than others.

I'm no expert, but does hitting physical milestones have any relationship to ADHD - I wasn't aware of that...

Moontheloon Fri 02-Oct-09 13:08:17

Jenny, I have a friend whose DC is very similar, he is over two but has been what I would describe as manic almost since he was born. As a baby he was always crying, now he runs round like a mad thing just shouting, hitting and biting and trying to get attention. He is bright and intelligent but seems incapable of being calm for more than a few minutes. I have two lively DSs of my own but this just seems a bit more than normal toddler behaviour and is actually exhausting. I would be interested to see what others think are inidcators for ADHD.

JennyPennyNAPPYWEB Fri 02-Oct-09 14:19:55

I do find her exhusting. I used to work with children and could happily look after several children in one go and be fine but even before DD2 came along and it was just DD1 - I struggled to keep up with her! May not be ADHD but was wondering if there was something else it could be.

We have recently had arguements with MIL who thinks it is our fault she is like this and that I do far too much with her. But MIL is in the "stick em in front of the TV all day" fan club.

And I forgot to add. The reason she hardly eats anything - is because she won't stop for long enough!

smileyboy Fri 02-Oct-09 14:23:53

I have started a thread over on the weaning board about my 2 year old not wanting to sit still for long enough to eat a meal. He sounds very similar to your dd and is always on the go. He doesnt cuddle either. He squirms and fidgets constantyl. Ive not had any responses to my question yet sad and I can not tell you whether its normal or not but I can tell you that youre not alone!

JennyPennyNAPPYWEB Fri 02-Oct-09 15:11:34

Thanks for that. She litterally has a bite or 2 at each meal - max. 9th percentile for weight last time she was weighed.

StealthPolarBear Fri 02-Oct-09 15:18:27

not belittling your worries - get her checked out if you are worried, but DS ticks almost all the boxes on your list (tantrums started at about 8 months, doesn't sleep through at 28 months, can be violent, no concentration unless tired...) and DD, who is only 2 weeks is already showing signs of being easier - happy to sit in bouncy chair (DS just screamed unless he was being carried facing outwards etc).
We have decided it's demanding firstborn vs easy going DC2.
Although she poos more than he ever did!

shootfromthehip Fri 02-Oct-09 15:22:28

My DD was just like this too, almost exactly! She is now 5 and much calmer and focused. She just need a chance to grow up- btw, my DD walked at 8 1/2 mths and didn't stop from then. Actually she was like that in the womb too!

Keep an eye and be aware but I personally think that she sounds fine.

StealthPolarBear Fri 02-Oct-09 15:23:21

yes, and DS barely eats as he gets bored 5 mins into a meal

GreenPenguin Fri 02-Oct-09 15:52:31

I can't believe someone said that to you on holiday!! I hope you were equally 'helpful' in return, and that it didn't affect your holiday too much.
As everyone else has said - Your dd's behaviour doesn't sound out of the ordinary. In any case, I know several children with ADHD and if your child is diagnosed later, it's no biggie.
Sorry you had to worry about this. Forget it and save your energy for racing around after your toddler!

LynetteScavo Fri 02-Oct-09 15:58:15

Sounds very much like my DS1 (who has calmed down a huge amount, now he is 10! smile)

I've come to the conclusion that it is often bright children who act like this. that's what I always tried to console mysef with, anyway.
Actually, none of my chilren are happy doing nothing. Wathcing TV is a punishment in our house; when I really need them to be still for a while.

LadyGlencoraPalliser Fri 02-Oct-09 16:07:05

Sounds like DD3. She was six before she slept throught the night. She just has a very low boredom threshold. She's seven now and never sits still - even if she is watch TV she is usually putting her legs behind her neck at the same time. And she doesn't walk, she bounces.
But she has very good concentration when she is absorbed in an activity she is interested in and has had absolutely no problems at school - in fact, though I say so myself, she is considered somewhat bright.
Your DD sounds absolutely normal to me. smile

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