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speech in 3 yr old ds

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redsofas Thu 01-Oct-09 23:22:58

Hi i just wanted to hear from others really who's dc's have had speech difficulties.
Ds is 3.5 and he has been referred to SALT for an assesment (tried to get this over a year ago but we were sent to a speech playgroup thingy and told he was fine angry).

Well anyway, he has a fantastic and amazing vocabulary and speaks in extremely long sentences and uses allot of grown up words ect but the problem is his pronounciation.
Here are the issues:
#'c' replaced with 't' ('tat' rather then cat)
#'g' replaced with 'd' ('darden' rather then garden)
#'s' replaced with either 'd' or he lisps

(he can say c and g when really concentrating as i have been trying to help him with it for ages now but he doesnt really remember them when generally talking)

#he misses letters from start of some words for example 'play' becomes 'lay' and 'house becomes 'ouse'

#he also struggles to make sounds like,
although he can say most of those sounds individually.

We do everything possible at home to encourage speech and have done from a very young age but he has allways struggled in this area, he is not behind in any other area of development either physically, emotionally or socially infact he was an especially quick physical developer crawling at 5 months, walking by 9!

I just wanted some opinions on how severe this is and how long anybody elses dc's took to correct this with or without help of a SALT?

(also he has never had a problem with understanding if that helps?)

any input welcome, thankyou x

defineme Thu 01-Oct-09 23:26:22

I would shout for moondog -maybe in the special needs topic. Anecdotally by friend's brother was like this and was fine in the end-had salt, but friend believes he just matured in the end.

Dominique07 Thu 01-Oct-09 23:28:26

Children have their mis-pronounciations for years don't they... its generally considered cute. grin
Is it hard for people to understand him?

redsofas Thu 01-Oct-09 23:34:34

People close to him (friends and family) understand him 95% of the time and his nursery teachers do understand him but often have to have him repeat himself to get his point across but id say strangers only pick up on about 25% of what is said and often look to me to 'translate' what he is trying to say.
He is such an intelligent kid though and i feel sad for him about this as i can see it frustrates him sometimes when people have to ask 'pardon?'
And when i say he has a great vocabulary i really do mean it his teachers even said he has a much wider vocabulary than allot of classmates and also that he has such allot to say!

redsofas Thu 01-Oct-09 23:51:02


kreecherlivesupstairs Fri 02-Oct-09 09:11:52

Sounds a lot like my dd's speech at the same time. She was lucky enough to have a SALT at her school who looked at her and told me not to worry. She now talks nineteen to the dozen.

redsofas Fri 02-Oct-09 10:23:36

kreecher can i ask how old your dd is now and how old she was when she grew out of it all? ds already does talk nineteen 2 the dozen, just not everyone gets it!

flopalong Fri 02-Oct-09 19:21:45

I looked after a boy like that, he had speech dyspraxia. However he was doing this at 8 not 3, at least you have had a referal they will know what to do. Its not that late on to get help, not if he has a good vocab, when he starts school explain things to them and tell them what he struggles with so that he doesn't get frustrated and loose confidnece

redsofas Fri 02-Oct-09 21:52:49

Can i ask what actually IS speech dyspraxia? i have nevere heard of it before.
His nursery which is the littleuns' part of the infant school are trying to help also, and we have been referred to SALT for assesment.
Im just angry that they didnt help him sooner (health proffessionals i mean).
Also if it is speech dyspraxia can this be helped or even 'cured'?
The thing is he doesnt seem to realise there is a problem so isnt that eager to try and change the way he pronounces things although we spend time at home devoted 2 'speech excercises' i have found on the net.

flopalong Fri 02-Oct-09 23:05:02

well thats what they said it was, I got a book out on it and there was loads of stuff on the net too. He used to say things like the date rather than gate, and other things. If you start typing into google it comes up, I have just read through again though and you said he did other things early. Push for the appointment and son't let them fob you off. I don't think it has to go hand in hand with the other symptoms and its a case of practicing and waiting rather than a cure I think. Treatment helps alot though, he improved once he started. It was hard and frustrating for him, he could say the sounds on their own but not with other letters. The parents didn't get help though not till he came to me so maybe early intervention will be a good thing. (not as early as you would have liked I know)

redsofas Sat 03-Oct-09 12:26:20

I have read up about it now and it doesnt sound too much like it to be honest as his development is fantastic in every other area, yet the speech side of it sounds like it could be him i guess we will just have to wait and see?
Ds is slowly improving but to people not too close to us i can see that it wouldnt appear thst way.
If we havnt heard back from SALT by end of nxt week i will be contacting hv again as we have a lovely one atm and i guess all i can do in the meantime is try my best to help him with it.

buy1get1free Sat 03-Oct-09 13:45:50

My ds2 was exactly the same ... he was assessed at almost 3yo. He wasn't using the back of his throat to make sounds like c and g. Both d and t are made at the front iyswim and I think he was being lazy. He's 7 now and pronounces everything really well. Go for the assessment. A good SALT will know in the first visit if he needs further therapy or will discharge him there or then. It's good you're getting the help.

redsofas Sat 03-Oct-09 13:54:14

did your ds have any other of the things my ds struggles with (listed in first post) as i am very encouraged to hear he pronounces everything clearly now! how old was he when his speech got beeter?

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