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14 month old started smacking me

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Lucymoo Wed 08-Jun-05 16:18:59

Hello,i have a 14 month old little lad and he has began hitting out at me.I dont know where its come from as we've never tapped his hand or anything.It happens when he's having a paddy and when he's been told no for something.He only hits out at me,never his dad.Im just worried he will start doing it to other children,advice is greatly needed!

JiminyCricket Wed 08-Jun-05 16:51:08

only here looking for answers, sorry! My dd 21 months does this, but not when she's told off (she just cries then) but when we're playing - she thinks its really funny. Actually I remember her doing it before, at about your ds's age. We currently use ignoring - put her down and make a big fuss of 'Daddy' if its him she hit. Another tip is not to say 'Don't hit' (because they only hear the 'hit' bit ) but phrase it positively 'be gentle', or 'play nicely'. I think its totally normal toddler stuff, btw.

Lucymoo Wed 08-Jun-05 22:10:23

Im glad to hear its normal toddler stuff.My little lad also thinks its really funny aswell.I try to ignore him or sit him somewhere else but this sometimes triggers a bigger paddy!I know he most probably sounds like a complete terror but he's normally a really loving good boy.Im just wandering whether he see's me as an easy touch thats why he never does it to his dad,he is a bit firmer with him than me?

fatmomma Wed 08-Jun-05 22:20:47

Hi Lucymoo, he doesn't sound like a terror, just a completely normal little boy. My ds did this a lot at that age and I put it down to frustration. He still does it sometimes when we have a disagreement over what we are going to do (get in the car seat, change his nappy etc.)

I just put him down on the floor and completely ignore him, most of the time this does produce a paddy but it's the only way I can think of to make him understand it's not acceptable. He has never hit another child or adult (except his Dad on very rare occasions). Even when he is frustrated with others he still doesn't hit them - saves that special treat for mummy .

I am hoping that when he starts to talk he will be less frustrated as the smacking is usually accompanied by 'no, no, no' at the top of his voice.


Yorkiegirl Wed 08-Jun-05 22:24:36

Message withdrawn

Lucymoo Wed 08-Jun-05 22:45:09

Hello fatmomma,i think my little lad does get fustrated and smacking me is a way of letting me no he's angry and not very happy about being told NO!We normally get 'ee,ee,ee'with his out bursts.It helps to know other little ones are doing or have done the same. x

fatmomma Wed 08-Jun-05 22:52:28

They probably only smack mummy because it's us who generally have to tell them no. Daddy just comes home and plays and is generally great fun.

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