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DS crying whenever I used the vacuum

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GoldenSnitch Thu 01-Oct-09 16:05:31

Ds is 2 and a half. He's never liked the vacuum but I thought he was getting better.

When he was a baby, I would vacuum when DH was around so he could take him into another room. Since he's been a toddler, I've either stuck to this or done it when he was in a good mood or playing in another room. He's not scared of the vacuum itself as he thinks reeling in the cable is massive fun and ran up to do it only a minute or so after I finished hoovering today! We had a few months where he would sit on the sofa and watch me without tears...

But while the hoover was on today, he was under the kitchen table screaming like I was trying to kill him!!

I only ever do small areas at a time cause his crying upsets me. I always tell him what I'm going to do in advance (usually to him saying "No Mummy") I've let him play hoovering with it off (not interested). I've tried to get him to help me -we have a Dyson, so I made the wand DS height and offered it to him (screams of fear). But he hates the noise.

I need to vacuum to keep the house tidy and I don't always have time after DH gets home or at weekends. How do I teach DS that vacuuming is loud and annoying but OK and not the end of the world?

leothelioness Thu 01-Oct-09 16:10:52

My Ds was like this at about 1.5 the I resorted to a dustpan and brush and hovering when absolutely necessary. The It got to much I thought oh F*k it and just vaccummed anyway he grew out of but it was awful. Sorry i have no useful advice accept for maybe askinghim to help you or buyung him a toy one to copy you with.

GoldenSnitch Thu 01-Oct-09 16:35:10

I've tried just doing it anyway but he just screams.

Pinkjenny Thu 01-Oct-09 16:35:47

Dd was a bit like this for a while but we bought a dustbuster and she 'helps' using that.

Othersideofthechannel Thu 01-Oct-09 16:38:23

I think a lot of children go through this phase.
I used to vacuum when they were asleep in bed and their rooms would be done at the weekend when one of us was outside with them.

seeker Thu 01-Oct-09 16:39:29

I would do it when dh gets home. Not worth upsetting your ds over, IMHO. He won't remember a dusty floor - he may well remember a horrible scary noise that mummy wouldn't stop.

Othersideofthechannel Thu 01-Oct-09 16:40:53

I think a lot of children go through this phase.
I used to vacuum when they were asleep in bed and their rooms would be done at the weekend when one of us was outside with them.

PurplePillow Thu 01-Oct-09 16:43:18

I have not had that experience with the hoover but my dd hates to flush the toilet hmm her cousin is the same, it's not just being lazy (although sometimes i think it is a bit grin) but since being a toddler both have cried saying it was too loud, so maybe your ds has sensitive ears too?

Sorry no advice really but just wanted to raise this idea grin

GoldenSnitch Thu 01-Oct-09 16:44:27

Never tried vacuuming when he was asleep. It's a small house and I always assumed it would wake him

leothelioness Thu 01-Oct-09 16:49:51

I tried hoovering while mine was asleep he woke up with a start and cried the place down (but we were in a plat so everthing was close together. Maybe it could be a little game like lets get chase the dust with the hoover and you could also wait until your dh was home to keep ds occiped while you got it done.

leothelioness Thu 01-Oct-09 16:50:13

plat- flat

Othersideofthechannel Thu 01-Oct-09 16:50:38

I used to wait an hour or so to make sure they were deeply asleep. We have also drilled in adjacent rooms with no problems. I put their clothes away when they are asleep and they don't stir.

Othersideofthechannel Thu 01-Oct-09 16:52:02

Our house is quite big but I don't think it makes any difference because I would still vacuum the landing just outside their rooms.

How deeply your child sleeps must make a difference though.

NorbertDentressangle Thu 01-Oct-09 16:57:01

DD always hated the vacuum cleaner and TBH still doesn't like being in the same room and shes 9!

When she was a baby/child I used to hoover whilst DP took her out or when she was deeply asleep.

IWantAChickAndADuck Thu 01-Oct-09 17:00:11

toy hoover - worked a treat with my friends DD smile

GoldenSnitch Thu 01-Oct-09 17:22:01

No more naps during the day

Would have to vacuum at night but I'm usually knackered by the time he's gone to bed.

Have to do something though!

seeker Thu 01-Oct-09 18:04:56

When dh gets home, why doesn't he take ds out for a quick play in the garden while you whip round? Or vice versa?

Sagacious Thu 01-Oct-09 18:08:51

dc's were all the same at that age

I bought a toy hoover (didn't really work)

Tis a phase

It will pass

(good excuse not to vaccum TBH)

IwoulddoDrWho Thu 01-Oct-09 18:13:06

Yeah, my DD hated it too but I didn't find out till she was one!

IdrisTheDragon Thu 01-Oct-09 18:13:16

DS and DD were both like that. They're not now (5.10 and 4). Can't remember how I got round it (probably had floor with bits on it I shoudl think).

GoldenSnitch Thu 01-Oct-09 19:11:28

The bitty floor is beginning to get annoying. Also, is not going to be good when DD arrives in December

pispirispis Thu 01-Oct-09 23:47:33

Oh god yes my 17 month old dd is terrified of the hoover.

Plonkargghhh Fri 02-Oct-09 00:18:30

My dd3 is 2.2 and is still petrified of the hoover ...and this is despite it being on twice a day, every day (we have a very hairy dog)!!

I try to vacuum when she isn't around, but tbh, that just isn't practicable, so now I wait for back-up in the form of either dh or dd1.
They play with/distract her as best they can and I quickly run round with vacuum as fast as I can.

I'm sure it's a phase, but I do hope it passes soon <sigh>

GoldenSnitch Fri 02-Oct-09 07:50:23

Thsi has stuck with me all night "He won't remember a dusty floor - he may well remember a horrible scary noise that mummy wouldn't stop"

Feel really guilty now

FernieB Fri 02-Oct-09 12:24:40

Does he like teletubbies? Mine did not like our hoover when they were small, so I told them it was like the Noo-Noo in teletubbies and then whenever I put it one, they would chase round after me, yelling "naughty noo-noo". To this day, we still call it the noo-noo!

Don't feel guilty. He'll get used to it. Tell him what you're going to do before it goes on and tell him how long it will take and show him on a clock. You could get him some big headphones or similar to drown out some of the noise and tell him he looks like a pilot and the hoover is making the plane noise.

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