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1st tooth, cleaning?

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NiaElsie30 Thu 01-Oct-09 04:14:59

1st tooth has arrived with 3 others visable. Have tooth brush and paste at the ready but do I really have to use the paste straight away and do I clean straight after meals. Baby 6 months just started weaning. Thanks

Danthe4th Thu 01-Oct-09 10:04:36

just start getting into the routine of teeth brushing after breakfast and bedtime with a very soft brush and a tiny bit of toothpaste, never to early to start the routine, but be aware that they don't spit out the paste so go for the lowest amount of flouride.Also take your baby with you when you go to the dentist for your checkups

glasgowlass Thu 01-Oct-09 10:17:31

Register your child at a dentist, they will have a consult at 6 months just to advise on teeth cleaning, mine gave us a sippy cup, toothbrush and toothpaste too. (childsmile programme, dont know if its only in Scotland, a quick google search will tell you, or telephone HV)

Try to get into a routine of brushing morning and night, baby wont like it at first but will soon get used to it. My DS now opens his mouth for us to brush his teeth!

Be aware to get a childrens toothpaste with flouride levels of at least 1000ppm, this was advised to me by dentist and HV. Use a very tiny amount of toothpaste with each brushing.

Niknak21 Thu 01-Oct-09 10:48:00

Definately brush them as best as possible. The best toothbrush is the wisdom one for 0 to 2 years, it's teardrop shaped so you can just give it to them to chew without toothpaste. We used to pin our DS1 down blush, but haven't had to with DS2, he loves brushing his teeth, sometimes have to fight him for the brush to do it after ourselves (he's 16mnths).

And yes the milk teeth toothpaste is good, with just a smear.

Don't think in England and Wales we have the childsmile programme, but definitely take him/her to your check ups, but not treatment appointments.

Don't bother brushing after meals, but start the morning and night routine. Have fun!

NiaElsie30 Fri 02-Oct-09 03:33:32

Thanks mums, first try tonight went really well, she really liked the brush as was very happy plating with it before and after I had cleaned her teeth. Don't think it's gonna be a propkem as she has always watched me do mine.

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