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3.2 Year old wants to be naked all the time

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BrokenBananaTantrum Wed 30-Sep-09 16:05:54

My DD will strip off as soon as she gets in from pre school and would rather be naked all the time than have any clothes on. Is this "normal" behaviour?

She gets really cold but it doesn't bother her. If I try to dress her because she is cold we have a major meltdown.

Any ideas on how I can encourage her to stay dressed? Do you think a reward chart would work for this? I don't mind what she wears and have tried PJ's or ordinary clothes but nothing will do but her bare skin. At least she stays dressed at pre school but at weekends its really hard to get her to stay dressed.


Stigaloid Wed 30-Sep-09 16:22:20

Awww - i have sympathy because i appreciate it is stressing you, but it also sounds very cute too - maybe take her to a festival and let her explore her hippy nature (dressed obviously) - Got any fancy dress?

Littlefish Wed 30-Sep-09 16:28:28

Sounds completely normal. My dd is nearly 5 and still likes to be naked after school! We've struck a deal that she will stay dressed if we know someone is coming round grin.

If it doesn't bother your dd, is there any particular reason why you think she needs to be dressed? Can't she just stay naked in the house?

meltedmarsbars Wed 30-Sep-09 16:30:15

Don't blame her - who would want to wear itchy, constricting clothes?

Completely normal. We're the abnormal ones with hang-ups about nudity.

hullygully Wed 30-Sep-09 16:31:25

Yep, we're all nudists here, even on the coldest of days.

Poledra Wed 30-Sep-09 16:32:10

Completely normal - I do like to check that bottoms have been properly polished post-poo before there is any parking on the sofa mind....

CharCharGabor Wed 30-Sep-09 16:32:37

Oh gosh, I wouldn't worry about it. DD's constantly naked if we're at home and has been since she learned to get undressed. She gets a bit chilly too but I tend to have a blanket in the living room so she can snuggle up if cold. As long as your DD is ok with getting dressed to go out, I'd let her do what she wanted at home smile

hullygully Wed 30-Sep-09 16:33:15

We just chuck throws over the sofas - then you can easily pop them in the wash if there is any "residue"!

meltedmarsbars Wed 30-Sep-09 16:35:51


BrokenBananaTantrum Wed 30-Sep-09 16:43:11

Thanks everyone will let her be naked from now on. CharChar - will have a blanket handy and check bum is well wiped luckily we have leather sofas so at least can be wiped clean

I don't mind her being naked at all - i just worried about her being cold. She is really stubborn and would probably freeze rather than give in and wear clothes hence why I like charchars idea.

Thanks for reassurance everyone


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