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Wat will that dentist do?

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Hildabeast Wed 30-Sep-09 13:50:43

I feel terrible guilt because my dd 3 has to have 2 fillings, despite no sweets or fizzy drinks etc. left it for 8months between visits and dentist made me feel awful. The thing is, I have to go with her for these next week and he just said 'we will see what kind of patient she is!' and was horrified when I asked him is he used gas. I wasn't able to query further because of DD being present and having to be horribly positive and upbeat. terrified he will just drill away. Has anyone else had this experience? How do you make a 3yr old even stayin a chair with a drill?

wishingchair Wed 30-Sep-09 14:52:51

My dd has no enamel on her very back teeth, probably caused by an infection I had (a cold etc) when pg that interrupted development at that time. This has meant she has LOTS of holes. The dentist I took her to when I spotted this (3+4 months) told me he'd have to refer her to a dentist more used to dealing with children and they'd probably recommend they are extracted. They didn't. They gently brushed away any decaying bits and filled them with temporary fillings. This is still going on now (although we had to push for them not to extract and are now treated at specialist paed dentist in hospital).

They don't drill. She should be able to sit on your lap. Take her favourite toy and the staff need to be very patient ... it might take 2 trips. For example, my DD can't bear the cotton wool things in her mouth so now they don't even bother with them. If you aren't happy, ask to be referred to another place specialising in children's dentistry. You will eventually get the treatment you want but will need to push is my experience.

Don't feel guilty ... I was made to feel TERRIBLE by my hideous dentist. The advice I've been given from hospital is be wary of all snacks esp things like raisins that are full of sugar and cling to teeth and any drinks other than water. Also use high fluoride toothpaste, spit but don't rinse. Can also try a mouthwash like Fluoraguard (Colgate I think make it) at a different time to brushing if you think she can manage it. And always brush their teeth for them, don't rely on them to do a good job. DD is now 6 and I still 'check' once she's finished.

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