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DS has stopped calling me mummy! Any tips?

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theyoungvisiter Wed 30-Sep-09 13:28:28

Not the most major problem in the world I realise, but it's starting to grate.

DS1 (3) has started using my name instead of mum/mummy. He's also calling DH by his name. I ignored it at first, thinking the novelty would wear off, but now he's almost completely stopped calling me mummy and I feel sad! Today someone in the park assumed I was his nanny, and nursery have commented on it too.

Any tips for getting him to revert back? DS2 is just starting to talk so I'd rather he didn't pick it up.

BlueKangerooWonders Wed 30-Sep-09 13:31:18

Does it really matter? My dc all went through a stage of using my name, which was weird at first, but just as I got used to it they reverted to 'mummy'! Don't mind either now!

LadyOfTheFlowers Wed 30-Sep-09 13:33:27

Ds2 (3) has just started this again the last couple of days. We go through phases of it. hmm

I would ignore him, then he would say again and I would reply 'That's not my name' then he would usually say it.

Failing that, when he says it, I reply in a firm voice 'Mummy' then if he does not say 'Mummy' I repeat this every time he asks until he asks properly. Usually works first time tbh.

theyoungvisiter Wed 30-Sep-09 13:35:35

no of course it doesn't really matter, but I'd prefer him not to.

How long did your children persist? I thought it would wear off too, which is why I did nothing at first, but he's kept it up for over 2 months now.

theyoungvisiter Wed 30-Sep-09 13:37:49

sorry x-posted with you LoF.

I'll try that tomorrow with DS and see what happens. I don't want to treat him like he's being naughty, iyswim, because he's not.

Geocentric Wed 30-Sep-09 13:44:36

If it bothers you, explain that you prefer mummy, that its your special name that only your DCs can call you.

Fwiw, my cousin's DD started with the name thing when she was around 3, my cousin let it be and now she's 10 and her brother 8 and they still call both parents by their names...

starwhores Wed 30-Sep-09 13:46:01

DS1 did this for a few months, in the end I just ignored anything except Mummy. It took at least 4 weeks of doing this before he said Mummy again, he was 2.5y.

theyoungvisiter Wed 30-Sep-09 13:46:50

I've tried the explaining thing Geo (in almost those exact words, in fact) but it seems to go in one ear and out the other.

Geocentric Wed 30-Sep-09 13:55:54

Maybe try starwhores' tactic then? 2 months is quite a long time for him to persist in this...

theyoungvisiter Wed 30-Sep-09 13:59:10

I think I'll try a combo of starwhore and LoF's tactics.

I reckon I need to do more than just ignore, otherwise we could be in for a LOT of repetition and a few very tiring days! So perhaps initial ignoring and then reminders if he doesn't get the idea...

wish me luck...

starwhores Wed 30-Sep-09 14:00:33

I think I may namechange again......

My ds did this for about 4-5months, so 4 weeks wasn't too bad. I had tried being reasonable and getting very cross before.

theyoungvisiter Wed 30-Sep-09 14:07:52

but "starwhore" is so lovely and lyrical! wink

starwhores Wed 30-Sep-09 14:30:08

It's a family joke that my nephew calls starwars, but seeing it on a thread like this just looks hmm.

Geocentric Wed 30-Sep-09 14:33:27

I read your explanation on another thread - now your name makes me smile as it reminds me of my own SW obsessed DS!!

starwhores Wed 30-Sep-09 14:36:34


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