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mummy2angels Wed 08-Jun-05 00:53:22

i have a 4 week old baby at home and a six yr old girl but i am struggling with my 6 yr old as she doesnt listen to anything i say she more or less makes a joke out of everything and never listens to discpline and setting boundaries never seems to work i cant get her to listen to me anymore or do as shes told please can i have tips on positive rewards for good behaviour i have tried a star chart but it didnt work all i got was when i said she couldnt have a star if she was going to be naughty was im not bothered.
also my 5 week old screams during the day he never sleeps during day and nothing seems to content him he wont sit quietly in his chair or lay under his gym he jus crys all time even when im holding him im treating him for colic as health visitor suggested it but thts not made any difference either

hana Wed 08-Jun-05 00:59:34

I think at 6 years she needs a more tangible reward - ie a star can be exchanged for something else - do a search for 'pasta jars' - there have been loads of threads about this, basically a jar that starts off with a few bits of pasta in it at the start of the day or week and good behaviour gets another piece, bad behaviour gets one taken away and at end of day/week you can trade the pasta for money or whatever treat you've decided upon.
about the screaming - it sounds like someting he'll grow out of my dd had colic and around 4 - 7 weeks were the worst, the only thing that comforted her was constant breastfeeding! Good luck with both of your children...

huggybear Wed 08-Jun-05 01:00:01

sounds stressful

my ds's are only 3 and 1 so i have no experience with 6 year olds.

my baby cried constantly as a new born until i gave him a dummy to keep him quiet

i know thats not much help but wanted to 'bump' for you til some one with more experience comes along. (although mn is very quiet at this time of night)

take care

love huggy


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