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DS1 rough and boisterous with others

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wineismyfriend Sat 26-Sep-09 14:28:09

DS1 5 can be rough and boisterous with DS2 22mth and other children (he can also be very gentle and loving). I think alot of it, esp with DS2 is attention seeking behaviour so DH send him to his room for 5 mins to try and break the cycle. DS1 has always been hopeless at entertaining himself so there is a fair amount of this type of behaviour when we are at home.

He can also be rough with other children but not in a malicious way more a game gets a bit rough and out of hand (he is tall for his age). I have tried to explain to him that he just he can't be that rough with others but he doesn't seem able to stop himself. When will it sink in?

3littlefrogs Sat 26-Sep-09 14:32:43

You just have to keep on keeping on IYSWIM.

The other thing that is really imortant at this age is to make sure he has quality time alone with you, and with DH. Also, make sure you reward and praise any gentle,appropriate behaviour whist removing him for time out when he is rough.

wineismyfriend Sat 26-Sep-09 19:10:35

Thanks 3, DH and I do try and make sure we get quality one on one time with him but it seems to take abit more planning now he has started school. We also praise the nice behaviour infact i have just told him that my 'favourite thing today' was the fact that he was so polite at birthday party today. smile

Its just so exhausting at home as there is so noise (lots of growling and roaring type noises) and then tears from DS2 when he bears the brunt of the rough play.

3littlefrogs Sun 27-Sep-09 10:41:27

I know - it is hard. It will get better.

Take him outside at every opportunity, whatever the weather. Loads of fresh air, exercise, food and sleep is the only way with little boys. I know, I had 2, 2 years apart. I was very slim in those days with all the walking!

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