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DD 1yo refusing to be spoon fed but barely swallowing any finger food, panicking

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titferbrains Sat 26-Sep-09 13:25:13

help, getting anxious.

Am already in touch with dietician re: very tiny DD, she is about 7kg.

she has started refusing to be spoon fed by me or DH in past few days, coinciding with a heavy cold/virus. She is picking up and chewing loads of different foods, but swallowing v little. I am seeing a bit come thru in poos but am very scared that she is not getting enough. Am giving lots of milk, she's on high energy milk. Anyone else find their dc spits out all that they chew?? we tend to retrieve all the spat out bits and then they usually go in again, but I do feel we throw out tonnes.

Please reassure me, am feeling a bit ill with nerves at the thought of her hardly eating anything till monday when I can call dietician again.

pispirispis Sat 26-Sep-09 15:59:49

Don't worry, she's obviously off her food because she's sick. My 14 month old dd was pretty sick for 8 days with a virus and hardly ate anything the whole time, but she had plenty of milk, and she was fine! I know it must be worrying as she's so tiny, but the fact she's having lots of milk is great, she'll get plenty from that to keep her going until she gets better. Then she'll probably stuff her face to catch up!

You could try tempting her with her fave treats to try and cheer her up, or make some fruity ice lollies or something, but seriously it's completely normal for a sick baby to go off their food and as long as she has enough fluids and lots of cuddles that's the main thing. She'll be well again soon and will have forgotten about the whole thing, while you'll remember and still be traumatised by the experience! grin

titferbrains Sun 27-Sep-09 12:04:21

thanks. trying to stay positive but still very worrying. it's just me I think, that awful feeling that I'm doing something wrong, I just want her to eat normally. But she is a lovely, sweet natured and loving little girl, who hardly cries. So I have a lot to be grateful for.

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