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When do children grow out of...

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Orissiah Fri 25-Sep-09 14:02:52

... waking early
... whinging
... separation anxiety when you leave the room

I know children eventually begin to sleep in beyond 6am, stop whinging so much when they can communicate better, start being able to be on a room on their own playing or reading or watching TV...

But when did you children start to do these things?

Just curious as my NCT mums are tearing their hair out with their 15 month old LOs (mine is thankfully not too bad in any of these things).


hf128219 Fri 25-Sep-09 14:04:08

I think it's all to with training them early! smile

Elk Fri 25-Sep-09 14:17:11

I think they definatly grow out of waking early when they are teenagers. Early does mean different things to different people, my 2 know never to disturb mummy before 7am unless it is an emergency.

Whinging - not sure, dd1 (6)can whinge for England (and probably the rest of the British Isle).

Separation anxiety seems to pass slowly and most are fine by about 2/3.

BonsoirAnna Fri 25-Sep-09 14:20:09

DD has never woken early, and that, I am quite, quite sure, is because she has always gone to bed late! The only time in her life when she has woken early is on the very rare occasions, due to time zone differences, she has gone to bed early.

I don't remember separation anxiety when I left the room either. Maybe I didn't leave her alone?

squeaver Fri 25-Sep-09 14:25:25

Seperation anxiety very common at that age.

Early waking - varies, but starting school seems to sort it out.

Whinging - not too sure what this means in a 15month old??

MrsJohnDeere Fri 25-Sep-09 16:31:04

1. waking early - still going on at 3.5 years (5.45am today for ds1). Late bedtime makes no difference at all here.

2. whinging - eases off when they can talk and so verbalise their demands and grievances properly (18months - 2 years)

3. separation anxiety - about 2ish

Acinonyx Fri 25-Sep-09 19:09:38

Dd stopped waking at 5 am when she was 1. Now it varies between 6.30-7.30.

Whinging peaked (hopefully!) at 3.

She started to tolerate me leaving the room for les than 5 mins when she was about 3. She's 4 now and still only tolerates about 5 mins seperation at home.

Catzee Fri 25-Sep-09 19:45:11

*Waking early* - my DD really wakes up before 7am, which I think is reasonable - she is 2. But I know other people with LOs the same age who are regularly woken at 5 or 6am, so it obviously depends on the child.

Whinging - DD still whinging for England, even though she can talk fluently.

*Separation anxiety* - has mostly gone, it started easing off at about 18 months - 2 years.

alwayslookingforanswers Fri 25-Sep-09 19:46:52

waking early - DS1 still wakes early at 9yrs old.

whinging - again no sign of that stopping any time soon with any of the DS's

separation anxiety - oddly none of my children seemed to have had this - or at least not to a degree that I've noticed

ThingOne Fri 25-Sep-09 20:11:54

My DS1 is 5.9 and still regularly wakes before six.

Whinging continues at all ages. Depends on the child. I know plenty of nine year old girls who can whinge for Britain.

Separation anxiety usually passes fairly soon, with the occasional clingy phase after that.

meandjoe Fri 25-Sep-09 23:37:00

Early waking (5am) stopped around 20 months when he started sleeping til 7-8, although he still occassionally throws in a 5:45am wake up call every month or so just for a laugh hmm

Whinging, once he could talk fairly well at about 18 months.

Crying when I left the room, around 20 months it stopped although he's 2.2 now and still only tolerates it for maybe 5 minutes and then starts wandering around looking for me saying 'mummy, what you doing?'

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