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Hyperactive babies?

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Flossam Tue 07-Jun-05 00:42:22

Hi there, using and abusing mumsnet for my friend. Her DS is nearly 7 months old and is quite a handful. He seems to have a very short attention span compared to my DS who is the same age (I know, never compare babies!). But he dosen't really play with his toys and refuses to spend any time on the floor. He does not ever keep still. He is very hard to keep 'happy' he moans (whining noises) for a large proportion of the day and this quickly escalates into screaming if he does not get what he wants. Today on the way home from a day out he screamed, retched and wailed all the way home. He does this whenever he does not get his own way (ie today, getting out of the car seat). On one hand I feel my friend tries too hard to please IYSWIM, but at the same time DS has never worked himself up into the state that this baby was in this afternoon. I'm finding it hard to write this here so that it sounds convincing this baby has a problem. I'm not sure that he does, and that it is just not how he is. But is it possible for babies to be hyperactive?!!

Flossam Tue 07-Jun-05 00:45:39

Sorry, changed my mind. Not quite a handful, he is a huge handful. I end up not able to look after my own DS when friend is driving because this baby requires all my attention and screams louder.

unicorn Tue 07-Jun-05 08:02:14

My dd was very similar, very unhappy baby, cried loads, no joy from toys etc, we had a lot of stress with her.(and lots of Doctor, HV referrals etc)

My first thought was re the birth,was it difficult?
Sometimes it leaves them very unsettled etc (maybe worth trying cranio osteopathy?)
Another thought was reflux, dd improved a bit after I started giving her gripe water.

DD is now 6, she is quite a 'challenging' child in many ways.. so it may be partly personality related (one HV had told me that she obviously didn't 'like' being a baby!!!!!!)

I would suggest that your friend takes her worries to the Doctor and HV.
And if you can give her a break anytime, it will be much appreciated.
Difficult babies are very debilitating.

Flossam Tue 07-Jun-05 12:31:23

I think the birth was brief but slightly traumatic. More traumatic to her than him IYSWIM!

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